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  1. Wildlife
    I don't think I've quite grasped how to attach photos properly but i'm working on it! Hope this works for now! enjoy :)
  2. Wildlife
    So I was doing some (long overdue) gardening yesterday and went to move a fallen fence post in order to carry on mowing. Upon lifting it I stumbled across a little family of lizards - I counted three (only managed photos of two). They seemed to be moving fairly slowly, I assume that hibernation...
  3. Avian
    Have just had to rescue a fledgling starling in the back garden from the neighbours cats. Have given it a quick visual check over and it doesn't appear to be injured. I know the advice with young wild birds is to leave them alone and let the parents look after it, but I think one of the cats may...
  4. Wildlife
    Hi All, i have a fairly good response on here to some of my previous photo threads so i thought a few of you might be interested in the update i've made to my website. Also got some good videos i've filmed with my brother featuring local wildlife. Website is And the...
  5. Wildlife
    Here is a video of me feeding a "downed" Brown Long Eared Bat. We are registered carers and I also hold licences for handling bats Any way hope some of you find this interesting
  6. Snakes
    What is everyones thoughts on documentaries what is versés are wé in news of à hands on like steve Odéon or backshall or a more attenbrough approach
  7. Wildlife
    I have just wanted to share some reptiles pictures of my trip to Madagascar i hope that you enjoy them as much as i did! / gallery - IMG 0525, IMG 0529, IMG 0545, IMG 0553, IMG 0563, IMG 0569, IMG 0572
  8. Wildlife
    does anyone happen to know whether there's any good locations to shoot(photograph) birds of prey and other wildlife down by my end (liverpool)? i'd go to chester zoo and just take a picture of everything there but i'm skint atm :Na_Na_Na_Na: preferably in the north west/possibly somewhere in...
  9. Wildlife
    After selling my geckos, I moved to Florida a few months ago to get married so thought I'd post a few pics I've taken while out exploring. We stopped by an alligator farm one day so I've thrown a couple pics in from there, also some from a boat trip at a national park and one of my wife...
  10. Amphibian Pictures
    Hi guys Its been a while since I last posted anything on here, so I thought I'd share some new and old pics of some of the amazing glass frogs we found one night beside a small natural pool last year in Costa Rica This was seriously one of the best nights of my life I hope the pics do them...
  11. Wildlife
    A set of brilliant short videos.. The fox went into the wildlife hospital looking like this: A Fox was our First Patient of the Day - YouTube and then she pulled through and was released!
  12. Amphibians
    Ok so about three days ago I heard a lot of squealing from the garden. Went out and the neighbours cat had a frog. Got the cat off the frog. When I got to the frog however its back legs were missing. He (can tell it’s a male as it has swollen nuptial pads) its got its back legs up to the knee...
  13. Other Pets and Exotics
    Hi Guys, I uploaded a video last night of a FOX that came into our rescue centre and its got 6,000 views already overnight. Watch it here! Let me know if seeing these types of videos uploaded on a Daily basis is something you'd be...
  14. Wildlife
    Right, so a park near me has a relatively large undeveloped area (Not fenced off really, just overgrown and not really touched.), One side is bordered by a river and the other is bordered by a long pond which runs along the border of the park itself. The pond looks barren but if you look for a...
  15. Wildlife
    Some wonderful shots here! :2thumb: Perfectly Timed Photos Make Us Appreciate Common Animals - My Modern Metropolis
  16. Habitat
    Hello! I have small question. Regarding the spectrum of all reptiles and amphibians that people usually have as pets, do you think that the biggest majority of them can be kept with the same temperature and lighting all year around, without risking the animal's wellbeing? Or do you think that...
  17. Wildlife
    This is aimed more at the budding/semi-serious photographers on the forum. I'm looking at getting out and about in my local area with a view to photographing local wildlife this spring/summer. But, to do this, I need a camera. Having never owned anything other than a cheapo digital thing (or...
  18. Wildlife
    I've been reading up on reptiles and amphibians wild to the UK. Id love to go see them in their natural habitat but as im new to this dont know where to find them. Also can't travel to far from Maidstone. Could someone pm me some places to find them to get some good pictures. Just to clarify I...
1-18 of 64 Results