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  1. Exotic Mammals just seen this picture and i had to have a second glance because the it's a bit striking tbh : victory: and now i want to know what kind of animal has been killed here, don't know why :whistling2::whip:
  2. Exotic Mammals
    So some of you may have heard, some not. Five Timber wolves escaped from Colchester zoo today, one returned to its enclosure, one was tranquilized, and 3 were shot dead, even though they could have tranquilized them too (but didn't try). It thought it was unnecessary. Here's the article for...
  3. Exotic Mammals
    as it says in the title. also, if i'm allergic to dogs, would i be allergic to wolves/foxes too? just curious.
  4. DWA Species
    Just complemented a government department on their Guidance for keeping Dangerous Wild Animals( I know unbelievable). These are the Guidance pdfs from the DOE in Belfast; they may help answer some/ if not all the questions about getting a DWA license and the preparation involved. § Guidance...
1-4 of 5 Results