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    Pair of unrelated Woma pythons CB 2014
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    male womas bred by myself eating rat pups small mice 3 ready to go now more to follow £175 each
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    this girl ovulated a short while ago, just going into her pre lay shed!
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    made a bit of a mess with the incubation manged to hatch for in the end , all girls:2thumb:
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    I have the following for sale Irian Jaya £180 a pair 2011. Caramel Coastal Carpet Python £550 a pair 2010. Caramel Coastal Carpet Pythons males £300 2009. Bredli Pythons £180 a pair 2011. Het Striped Bredli Pythons £300 a pair 2010. Het Striped Bredli male with Striped Bredli female...
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    Due to lack of funds for a new project I am offering for sale a surplus to my requirements one of my pairs of Womas . The male (lighter one) is a stunner about 4'6" Female about 5' I am asking £650.00 for the pair, Thats the price you would pay foe hatchlings. The offer is only till this weekend...
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    not the best first clutch of the year i've had 11 slug's from one of my woma's
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    adult woma python (male) great feeder, good to handle has long as he knows its not food. looking for offers or will swap/trade. cheers
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    Female first The hansome male
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    1.1 Black headed Pythons. Hatched 05. Paul Harris stock, unrelated. Male is a very bright colour, female somewhat drabber. Eat adult Rats fresh killed or defrosted. Very nervous and flighty at first but settle down a bit after being held. I'll be honest and say none of my snakes are handled...
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    2010 female womas-- norfolk area Hi, I have 2010 Female Womas, from 2 Different Bloodlines, CB by myself, All feeding on Defrost Hopper Mice, and shedding well. They are £325.00 each or £300.00 each if you take 2 or more. I do not have any 2010 males for sale at the moment, however I do...
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    I have decided to sell my CB04 pair of Woma Pythons (Don Patterson line) due to concentrating on my BRBs. They are a great pair of snake who have been cycled/cooled ready for breeding, they have just been warmed up again & have been witnessed courting so is looking hopeful. Old pics of the...
1-12 of 12 Results