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  1. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Hi guys just wondering if Hatchling tortoises need to be wormed at all as I will be taking my tort outside soon when the weather is better :D . Thanks!
  2. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Id love to hear all your advise please , when do u worm your torts ? how often and do you go to vets or use the wormcount services that you post ? chell x
  3. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Hey guys, Does worming always require a poop sample or is there another way to determine possible parasites? :blush:
  4. Snakes
    Just read a comment on a site and it's got me thinking about this. So yer do they need worming and if so is it a trip to the vets or something you can do yourself ?
  5. Amphibians
    Anyone one on here wormed there frogs or toads? just looking for their thoughts and experiences on it really.
  6. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Hi, A while ago a started a thread to find out how to worm my tortoises with panacur. Happily, they ate it really easily on a treat of cucumber. I had, had their samples checked by so I knew that they had a moderate/high amount of pin worms. Yesterday, I gave them their second...
  7. Lizards
    Lygodactylus Williamsi parasite advice Hi, Have done a search and not found anything, so wondered if anyone could help. One of our Lygodactylus Williamsi has become very thin over the last week or so. We took him to the vets (not a reptile specialist though) and he said he suspected...
  8. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Hi, Could you tell me which is the right strength panacur for a two year old hermann? Paste or liquid? Does anyone know of a dosage/weight chart for administering the correct amount? thank you Denise
  9. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Should you routinely worm tortoises - if so how often? Or should you only worm them if you suspect they have worms? I am a bit confused about that.
  10. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    hey guys, think its about time my tortoise was wormed and just wondering what the best product to use is? i have been recommended beapher wormer for reptiles. is this safe ? what would you recommend ? . also what is the best calcium/mineral supplement product to use for a female horsfield. thanks
  11. Snakes
    just curiously how do u go about worming a snake ? i imagine stanley knife open pinkie fill pinkie with tablet ? obv one suitable for snakes ?
  12. Snakes
    i have aquired a rainbow boa and have just found it is riddled with worms any info on the best form of action and treatment please.
  13. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Hi everyone, Hoping you can help!! I'm a newbie to the forum and have just got my first tortoises. They are 1 year old Hermann's called Willow and Fern and I've had them for just over 2 weeks now. They've settled in really well and are eating lots of weeds and very active but have just one...
  14. Other Pets and Exotics
    Hi we have just rehomed a 8 and a half month old whippet cross springer spaniel. The previous owner says he has just wormed him but I'm not sure if he was just using this as an excuse as to why he is so skinny :bash: My question is how long should i leave it before worming him? I can't get...
  15. Lizards
    My beardie is ill and im taking him to the vets on saturday. i just wanted to know if it is worms how much its likely gonna cost to get him better
  16. Exotic Mammals
    Ok, this is my first post so hope it all goes well lol Ive visited 3 different 'exotic' vets in my area regarding worming my skunks and all 3 have advised differently...... some monthly, some 3 monthly and one every 6 months! and all of them advise a different product, some for dogs, some for...
  17. Lizards
    I really need to share this tonight and get this off my chest - if your chameleons are ever diagnosed with worms, please remember this. Please, please DO NOT let your vet treat your chameleon with Ivermectin - Panomec is just one brand name of the stuff. My first chameleon was given this and...
  18. Lizards
    One or both, most probably both of my Tokays have worms! What is most advisable? ParaZap? Beaphar Reptile Wormer Small? Are there natural remedies (like pumpkin flesh is for veg eaters) I was told ParaZap is natural, but is it safe and does it work? They are both ~tame~ though I prefer to...
  19. Other Pets and Exotics
    I normally use Drontal but while browsing I came across Plerion chewable wormers and was wondering if anyone else uses them and are they as effective as Drontal?
  20. Lizards
    My pet shop told me i will need to worm my dragons every 6 months ? Ive never read this on any of the many care sheets ive seen. What do people use for de worming there Beardie ?
1-20 of 23 Results