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    I have for sale Various CB14 Motley cornsnakes all are eating very well and are showing some great colour and pattern to them. I have available Hypo Motleys,Albino Motleys,Snow Motleys, and Ghost Motleys all are priced at £15 each . I also have some CB13 Motley Cornsnakes for sale which are...
  2. Lizards
    Hi guys, just a little conversation starter really, my gorgeous girl laid her first clutch of 23 infirtile eggs (as she has no one to play with) a month ago, and today she laid another 15. Im out of the country so my parents are looking after her for me. Feel awful for leaving her with them but...
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    Thinking of selling my World of Warcraft account, not sure of price but feel free to PM me with offers! The account has all WoW expansions up to Cataclysm, Starcraft II and Diablo III, and i will unfreeze the account (which is lapsed in annual pass). The gear of the 85s is not spectacular, but...
  4. Snakes
    Ok so ive been away for 2 weeks and let my sister look after my 2 corns, 1 Always feeds which is good but the other hasn't been feeding for about 6-8 weeks now.. (Perseverance) I try him everyweek and today was the day i decided to feed him, I got him out and he was fine, defrosted the mice and...
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    Selling : Wow Cataclysm Expansion key - £8 Majesty 2 collection (includes full game + all expansions + map editor) - £8 I have 1 x cataclysm key and 3 x Majesty 2 collection keys. The keys are legit , never been used and from factory sealed games. You simply activate the keys for Majesty on...
  6. wow

    DWA Species
    18ft saltwater crocodile in australia ,hes 80 years old and has 1 leg missing
  7. Snakes
    anyone got any pics of some really rare or good looking yes im shallow milk/king snakes looking to get another one and splash some cash but want something really WOW if u get me lol
  8. Off Topic Classifieds
    All are brand new and un opened PC Games World of Warcraft Cataclysm Speacial Edition x2 Starcraft 2 Special Edition x1 £65 per copy, collection from Lincoln or £5 P&P per copy(they are heavy)
  9. Lizards
    Hi guys Im thinking of getting a new reptile and just can't think what to get, im up for anything apart from giants! I have Leos Beardies cresties corn snake and looking for some bearded pygmies jsut cant find any:devil:. So i want something different! Any suggestions will be appreciated , thanks
  10. Snakes
    The BCA has just shed and omg she is just dripping in colour. These pics are rubbish I know but they are just to show off the colours. :notworthy::flrt:
1-10 of 17 Results