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    Young adult male T.j.jacksoni 'willengensis' Jackson's chameleon, bred in Germany (comes with papers) and therefore unrelated to others bred by myself or most in UK. He is a dwarf form of T.j.jacksoni which are sometimes termed 'willengensis' but he is actually a Mt.Machakos locality (very blue...
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    Pair of jacksonii xanths UK bred by Matt Farmer (mattfarmer80 on here) from different bloodlines. 2.5 years old male and 1.5 years old female, been keeping both since 3 months old. Very healthy animals, eating, drinking, pooping and shedding normally. Only selling to make room for new...
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    12 week old Jacksonii Xantholophus for sale. Eating, drinking etc as he should. Quirky little character. £70
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    CB13 Jacksons xantholophu Chameleon Female (x2 Avaliable) £165 Each
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    9 month old pair of these stunning 3 horned chameleonsBoth eat well Looking to sell the pair for £250
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    Monty finally started his shed yesterday - his last one was back at the end of March. He is showing some really lovely yellows greens and even a vibrant blue under his chin! He will be one year old on 3rd Sept and he will now have new skin for his first birthday photos! :flrt:
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    The last couple of days have seen Monty going through his second shed. All was ok until he got a piece stuck over his right eye that just wouldn't budge - he really wasn't a happy boy. He started today looking like a tiny horned superhero so my friend named him Supersaurus! His greens are...
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    Since Monty my baby Jackson chameleon is so small, the only way to get a good look at him in detail is to take a clear photo and zoom right in! I just love his 'knobbly' eye turrets! They have much more random and knobbly scales than the Veileds that I am used to!
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    A few new pics of my baby Jackson, Monty! This little guy has me totally charmed! He was definitely worth waiting 3 years for! :mf_dribble: Nothing does a pouty sad face better than a baby chameleon, and Monty has it down to a fine art already! Such a cute sad little face, bless him! :flrt:
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    Here ya go Chris! Not the best video, but it's a start! I will try and get a feeding video soon.
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    Just a few more pics of the delightfully tiny dinosaur, Monty!
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    Monty put on his Mummy outfit today and I told him he was a day late, Halloween was yesterday! His first shed is a good sign for me and at least I know he is growing, not that I can see any increase in size yet! He gets some lovely green spots on his face when I get him out, as can be seen in...
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    A few more pics of my cute baby Jackson, Monty! He is absolutely adorable and will take teeny white mealworms from my hand already! I've seen him drink and found a huge poop on a leaf today! At least I know he is eating all those fruit flies, lol! I am really going to enjoy watching him grow...
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    Just wanted to share a few pics of my new baby Jackson chameleon, Monty the dinky dinosaur! :flrt: I have wanted a Jackson ever since I got my first cham, Lily, back in 2008 and now I have one! He is very cute and quite fascinating!
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    Does anyone else keep these guys? I have kept Veiled/Yemen chams for the last 3 years and am getting a baby Jackson in a few weeks. I would love to see photos of other people's set ups and chams please! Also any particular do's and don'ts - things you wish you were told but weren't with these...
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    Hey Guys, Here for sale I have 2 female Jackson Chameleons. Proven Breeders Both Gravid and should lay live young in roughly 5 months. 18 month old xantholophus, Layed 18 young in previously- £200 12 month old Jacksonii, layed 12 young previously - £200 Open to offers!! Thanks Dan
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    For Sale: Jacksons Chameleon ( chamaeleo jacksonii xantholophus) 1.0 1 year old male Stunning condition, well fed For more infromation please contact 07794142940 Thanks
1-17 of 17 Results