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yacht varnish
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  1. Habitat
    Hello, I recently made a vivarium from OSB-3, which I believe is waterproof up too 80%. I was curious if it was a good idea to still seal this for more tropical species/bioactive (Mainly for arid species, but potentially an Indonesian blue tongue slink that requires 60-80% or 80-100% for a...
  2. Snakes
    Hi guys, I'm in the middle of building a new viv for my BRB and I'm waterproofing it with yacht varnish. I'll be doing three or four coats with eight hours between each coat. Once the final coat is dry and I've sealed it together with aquarium sealant, how long would you recommend leaving it to...
  3. Habitat
    Ronseal 32796 Trade Yacht Varnish 1 Litre | eBay How many coats of this would you suggest to seal a wooden viv for a CRB? is that varnish even useable? Thanks guys :D -Luke
  4. Habitat
    so need sum help have just been tole that yacht varnish is no good for reptile bulid and my viv is 80% don and do not like to think of buliding viv mk3
  5. Habitat
    I need to waterproof a viv, but don't have 6 weeks to air it as some do with yacht varnish, so any alternatives that dry quick, are non toxic, etc? Cheers, Jack
  6. Habitat
    We've recently had a viv built for us, by a local joiner, out of solid mahogany. Our only problem now is what can we seal it with, OTHER than yacht varnish, if anything? We've looked at Linseed Oil as we know it's waterproof and a natural product so it's PROBABLY fume free and safe, but we're...
  7. Habitat
    How good is this stuff and how long is it good for?? I am thinking of building some vivs for cresties, obviously they require a high(ish) humidity, would yacht varnish be good enough to seal wood (ie plywood) and if so is there a lifespan of how long it would last?? Could i seal one and use...
  8. Amphibians
    Wanting to make a pool for some fire belly toads I will be getting soon. Main reason I'm making it is because where it's going it will have to be a perculiar shape. I'm planning on making it with clay, then baking it then sealing it but I really have no idea what to seal it with that will be...
  9. Snakes
    Anyone know the best place t buy yacht varnish for sealing vivs etc?
  10. Snakes
    Whats the best thing to varnish my new viv with? I was told yacht varnish is good but want other opinions. Thanks in advance
  11. Habitat
    How long do I need to leave Yacht Varnish to air dry before putting it in the Viv?
  12. Lizards
    Im nearing completion of my 8 x 4 x 4 viv and im finding it very very difficult to varnish certain areas of it. the main structure of it has 3 coats on it and it seems very very thick. the question is. can I get away with just a couple of coats on the other area's of the viv? they are raised up...
  13. Lizards
    I have heard of people sealing wooden vivs to make them water proof with yacht varnish. I was wondering what make of yacht varnish is best (ie not toxic and will not peel or crack in a viv that will be rather humid - day geckos will be housed in it? Also where can i purchase it? Thanks, Ed ...
1-13 of 13 Results