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yellow anaconda
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    Hey, So, I came here to ask for the opinion of expert snake keepers. I phurchased a yellow annie about half a year ago from a very well known breeder (I think he's the biggest there is in this little country). He's known as one of the few experts around here, where keeping herps is not as common...
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    She is around 5 years old and is around 10 foot. She has a good temperament for an anaconda and can be handled. She can be a bit stroppy at times but cools down once she has been on the Viv for a couple of minutes. Looking for £250 for her or I am willing to do a swap for other reptiles like...
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    CB12 Female Yellow Anaconda for sale, around 8 or 9 feet and quite girthy. Very good temperament for an anaconda, however occasionally has her off days. Eating very well on guinea pigs and rabbits, shedding and defecating fine. £60 for the snake but can come with full set up (6x2 vivarium...
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    Hey guys im In liverpool and im looking to buy a yellow anaconda, If anyone has one for sale or knows someone who does have one for sale please let me know. Been on my bucket list for quite a while and its about time i acted on it haha. I am a wheelchair user and i dont drive so if possible i...
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    0.1.0 2 years old yellow anaconda- £220 with 2ft full setup 1.0.0 1 year old HOGS reticulated python- £250 with RUB full setup 0.1.0 under 1 year patternless African rock python- £170 with full RUB setup. 1.0.0 5 years old spiny tailed monitor lizard- £100 0.1.0 1.5 years old Giant Gambian...
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    Yellow anaconda believed to be female 5ft cb13 £75 Pair adult macklots pythons £150 all are feeding on defrost rats. any questions please ask.
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    For sad sale as no longer fits in with breeding plans. Well behaved male Yellow Anaconda "Tap tamed" and touching 8 foot. Lovely example of Yellow Anaconda coloration. Currently eating Jumbo rats, sheds and poos as should, any questions please ask, These are large powerful animals and will only...
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    You guys probably don't care but I'm chuffed to say the least. My new arrival, a CB14 Yellow anaconda appears to have relaxed enough to soak in his water bowl. (The picture is cloudy like that because I took the photo through the RUB lid as I don't wish to disturb him.) I know, I know. A...
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    Hi, I am looking for a male, neonate, yellow anaconda.
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    I have been thinking about it for a while now and have decided that I would like to make a male yellow anaconda my next snake, however despite sending out a few PM's, asking on the anaconda thread and a few Google searches I have been unable to find any breeders. If any one knows of a breeder(s)...
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    Only selling as I need to downsize my collection,she's a beautiful tame healthy yellow anaconda,never attempted to bite or strike,eats well on defrost
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    very rare pair of Axanthic yellow anacondas good condition both are tame and can be handled easily feeding on d/f lg rats selling my whole collection due to new baby arriving last week open to sensible offers full setup available pictures on request 07756218324
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    0.1 CB12 Yellow Anaconda (Eunectes notaeus) available. This animal has a typical 'Yellow' temperament, and much prefers being left alone. Feeds great on DF rodents and is doing all as she should be. ...£100
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    Water change for Connie and I thought I'd let her have a stroll around the landing - I left the tap running so she can have a larger tub to soak in for a bit, found out the plug hole was broken though and it went down quite fast! She didn't have long in there anyway as the water started to cool...
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    I really hate how photo bucket kills off the colour/quality of my photos :bash: Oh well... A couple of my girl.
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    Up for sale due to house move that has fallen through, I no longer have space for my animals. CB07/08 female yellow anaconda, around 8ft. Not as bad as most anacondas but will nip without warning, comes with 4*2 complete set up (ceramic, cage, pulse stat) stunning girl, looking for £150 for all...
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    2009 1.1 pair Yellow Anacondas Female 9 feet (dark black saddles) Male 7 feet (hypo / blotched saddles) Have locked during breeding season but no luck this year. I've had the female for more than 3 years and never a bad mood, bite or musk, the male for 18 months and again not an aggressive...
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    I have for sale a 3.5ft female Yellow Anaconda she's rather tame just very head shy eats like a champ as i originally got her as a bin when my royals didn't eat but now i just got a Dwarf Reticulated Python Could Courier at buyers cost
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    male yellow annie 8ft, tame, eating jumbo rats. £120 ono
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    Im on the lookout for a yellow anaconda, preferably a baby male. Thanks
1-20 of 73 Results