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yeman chameleon
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    Hi I have made the difficult decision to part with my pair of Yeman Chameleons, they are both 18 months old and unrelated. I have never paired them up. The female laid just the one large clutch of infertile eggs in the summer. Can sell as a pair or separately. Price includes Reptibreeze...
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    Adult male Yemens Chameleon, with 21x21x38 inch mesh viv, uv starter and tube, glowlight bulb fitting with bulb, thermometer and all deco. Only selling due to increased family and work commitments. £150 ono
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    hi wondered if someone could help me, we purchased 2 chameleons off a guy last friday male and female around 1 yr old, the male is great no problem except he is very aggressive which i know they can be but the female seems to be struggling. As soon as we got them home we put them in their vivs...
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    Male piebald yemen chameleons for sale (offers) or will swap for other female yemens? They all have very bright colours, ask for more pictures.
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    i have a yemam chamelean mail that i rescude how do i and a femail i want them to go togever without the risk of them fiting is this posibil
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    Morph was re-homed by myself from another member on here. When I agreed to take him it was thought I could offer him a permanent home, but as we all know, life changes. So with regret I am searching for a forever home for Morph. He's roughly 2-4 years old and a very grumpy man, he dislikes...
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    **Female Yemen Chameleon Approx 12 Months Old**(Doncaster) Hi, Due to circumstances I have to sell up here we have a female chameleon who is around 12 months old and just started showing her adult colors. She will literaly eat any thing in site including greens, she sheds and poops fine also...
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    hi there i am looking for a male/female yaman chameleon (adult). looking to pay around £40 also will pick up. i am in greenwich, south east london so looking for sale in or just around the area. have massive viv with one female yeman already but my son keeps telling me she looks loanly. any body...
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    ok im looking into everything before i agree to get this chameleon, ive found a tank for £89.99 its 544x406x920mm is this big enough? also what live plants could go in the viv? or is it easier to use fake?
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    Noah the grumpy bum!
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    says it all in the title really dont need viv as putting with my female so needs to be aprox a year old sensable offers please
1-11 of 11 Results