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    Reluctant sale of my two Veiled Chameleons. Male and female both around 2 years old and unrelated. Both in good health with no problems. female has only laid one clutch of eggs, unfertilized as has never been in with the male. Can come on their own or with Reptibreeze set ups. Set ups include...
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    hi I have a yemen chameleon not sure of age but its a nice size eating pooing n drinking fine. I don't know to much about these as im more in to cresties and snakes. have a 60, 60 40 exo terra tank and heat bulb that can come with it for extra please contact me I can email you pick im also in...
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    im keeping to my crested gecko and want another female crested gecko or incubator for my Veiled Chameleon collection Manchester im up near the airport I can email or txt you pics if interested
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    stunning male around year old,healthy and good size he is tame but has his moment when getting out the viv,only now an then comes with large exo terra viv uv starter and new uv strip bulb rope vine and decor ceramic with bulb may swap for retic or what you got
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    Male and Female berber skinks for sale around two and a half years old, never bred.Shedding and pooping fine.Buyer to collect only. Would swap with cash for young male Yemen chameleon (5month +).
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    Just so I know, as I'm very new to chameleons, I would just like to know if its normal for a yemen 4 months old BTW to be a brown colour almost always when he's in his cage, but colour up when coming out? does that mean he's happy out of his cage and unhappy in there, I would just like to know...
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    How often do I mist my 4 month old yemens viv? its a repti breeze, 2ft by 2 and a bit ft, warm or cold water? he HATES it when I get him with even a couple of drops by mistake, he crawls away as fast as his legs can take him! is that a normal reaction? I've just been misting his leaves but I...
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    I got my 4 month old yemen baby today:flrt:he's gorgeous, I named him JJ, but anyways, I'm not sure if its just because he's stressed from the move, but he is pure brown when in his repti breeze cage, he just sits under his heat lamp and stays there brown as can be, I haven't seen him eat any...
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    Hi, I have a 2x2 repti breeze (just a starter cage) for my baby veiled cham I'm getting on friday :mf_dribble:Can't wait sooo excited! Anyways, I was told too wrap 3 sides in cling film leaving only the front free, I want my baby very happy so want his viv perfect, what are your thoughts please?
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    I am getting my almost 4 month old male yemen cham on the w/e and haven't yet decided were to put his cage. Is my iving room to 'busy' for a cham to be? I do have other spots available like my hall way, my bedroom etc, but I'm not sure which is best, I was hoping to get some comments from cham...
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    Do chameleons ever eat any veg? I had a yemen back in canada and his breeder said he may eat a little here and there, but he never did, are they strictly insectivores?
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    Hi, anybody near Birkenhead have any baby or juvie male veilds available please?
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    Hi all, i'm new here, but will be a frequent visitor as I think this is fantastic! I'm in the process of getting a viv for a yeman cham, I was wondering if anybody knows any reputable yeman breeders in the Birkenhead area. Thankyou
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    Hi, can anyone give me any advise on incubating chameleon eggs.i just dug out 52. i've put them in a cricket tub with vermiculite and water spread out 1inch apart. I have 2 incubators set up, ones at 30c with tortoise and leopard gecko eggs and another at 28c with corn snake eggs. If i can get...
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    Due to time and money I have my 5 month old chamelion for sale.She is a female yeman born on xmas day. I bought and her and I now feel I cant give her the time she needs. Full set up provided-UV starter and bulb, heat bulb, 36" viv and all the small extras she needs. Located at SN15.Looking for...
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    hi i am after a yeman chameleon. must be local. may be able to get cash but have all these to swap. pm me if you have one for swaps 1 year old female red iguana proven mack snow leopard gecko hatchling bearded dragon 30x30x30 exo terra 30x30x45 exo terra 4x2x2 ft vivarium
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    Hi all iv been looking for a male yeman for a while now but no luck in finding one yet if anyone can help me out please message me im looking for one around the 12months of age mark give or take a little Cheers :notworthy:
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    i have a female yeman for sale. i bought 3 babies in january and now need the space for dragons! this one is of unusual colours, hasnt been handled for a while, needs to go to someone experienced with Chams i live on suffolk essex border £40
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    3 low end pied male yemans for sale 3 months old feeding well on mixed diet all dusted with full uv £60 each collection from blackpool/cleveleys or courrier at buyers expence
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    I would consider swaps for hatchlings or young: corns king snakes water dragons Giant madagascan Day geckos Leopard Geckos pythons boas Or cash, can come with set up if needed. These girls live on their own and have never been near a male.
1-20 of 23 Results