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I am selling one of my young adult male Uroplatus fimbriatus (Giant Madagascan Leaf-Tailed Gecko) from my 3.3 group to fund a viv building project.

He is a beautiful example who has been mating with one of my females since he matured a few months ago.

GENUINE CB imported from Canada (bred by Neil Meister), he has full paperwork and is not one of the unfortunate parasite infested smuggled animals often presented as 'captive bred' by some traders at European shows.
As part of what I believe to be one of the largest collections of this species in the UK, I am sorry to part with him, but time and space constraints dictate.

As usual I am struggling to post photos, so any genuinely interested parties can PM me their email addresses or email me directly:

[email protected]

Or you can see the photos placed in the other thread for the pair (female now sold in Germany):

I'm based in South East and can meet buyers in this region or can possibly send via a friend to Doncaster. Reputable courier delivery considered.

No swaps or offers thanks.
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