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NB: I will also have whitelipped pythons and scrub pythons available

I have recently accepted a live in position which means I will be selling most of my snakes

Its a horrible decision as I have spent 4 years sourcing these snakes and had high hopes of moving forward and starting to breed these rarely kept species.

However I cannot allow my animals to stop me progressing in my career and earning more money so with a heavy heart, these are the first ones up for sale

1.1 Macklots pythons Liasis mackloti mackloti

The male has been with me for about 2 years and was sold to me as CB07

He has gorgeous dark speckling all over him, he eats like a monster and has been one of my most placid snakes I've ever owned. Hes about 6.5ft long and is slightly heavier bodied than the female, but still a lovely slim snake

The female I've had about a year, she laid eggs last year for previous owner.

She also eats like there is no tomorrow...thats Macks for you!! She can be handled but you need to keep an eye on her. She has never bitten me but I can imagine she might.

She was bought as CB07 and is about a slim 6ft long. She looks different to the male, shes got an almost yellowy green tinge and very light speckling...a very pretty snake indeed

Macks are awesome because they vary so much throughout their shed cycles. Very fun, easy to keep snakes that never give you the stress of not feeding :2thumb:

I'm asking £250 for the pair, I'd rather not split but would consider if the male sold first.

Both have seperate housing in 4x2x2 vivariums, these are available with heating etc for extra
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