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1:1 Juv Philodryas baroni (CB June 2012)
Otherwise known as Baron's Racer or Argentinian Long Nosed Snakes.
Both are approx 50cm long; the female slightly bigger than the male.

Due to my wife's state of pregnancy, I have given in and begrudgingly decided to sell my favourite snakes. This pair were bought together in December 2012 and have lived together ever since in a lovely little arboreal set up (I am also willing to sell the tank, lighting, heat mat and and decor for an extra £50).I will only sell both snakes together.

They are lively during the day and inquisitive; following your every move. Both feed easily weekly and have just moved up to fluffs. They are fed separately and need to be left alone with the fluff rather than striking. Please note that while I have never had them strike at me I (I rarely handle them), they are rear fanged and venomous (non DWA) so I will not sell to u18s or those who are inexperienced in keeping similar snakes.

I hope that someone will love these as much as I have done. Please email me with questions.


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