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After a lot of hard work and deliberation I've decided that it would be in Hobbes' best interests for him to find a new home, the RIGHT home!

I purchased Hobbes at 7 months old back at the end of January. He was originally one of Seb Millers babies so he is a descented fellow.
He was obese, his skin was dry and flakey, his coat dull, nose very runny, claws overgrown and all his belongings plus the poor little guy himself was filthy. He would try to stomp but was too chubby to manage. He was very shy. Not really well socialised at all. He had been left to have the run of the downstairs with his previous owners four cats, so probably got away with not having much human contact.

Since being with us his coat is gorgeous, skin healthy, claws kept trimmed and he's on the correct diet. No cat food since being with us.
He's small, perhaps due to the incorrect diet and not getting vitaskunk until we got him, though his previous owners did supplement his food with something for ferrets.
They told me he'd been neutered in December and had his vaccinations in November.

We've spent a lot of time trying to bring him round but he's not a people person. He'll approach you for food, he'll climb on you and even sit on you to eat, but as soon as you try to touch him he's off.

I know we can't give him what he needs until we can afford a house, but that's looking a long way off, five years at least. What does he need? Space. At the moment he's got a tiny bit of floor space in my bedroom and that's it. He does pee on the floor. I don't know if he's scent marking or just goes anywhere. He does use his litter trays, he's actually pretty good with them but occasionally lifts his bum so high that his doody sometimes goes over the edge of the tray.
He sleeps in a litter tray. Material gets soiled so his soft cat igloo ended up in the bin, his blanket, in the bin, sheets, in the bin.. so he sleeps on/under newspaper.
He needs room to roam around because he's not interested in toys, just a milk bottle with food in it which of course won't last long. So, he ends up digging at the door. We let him run around the garden, but that's in the mornings when I get home from work. At night it's too dark and you can't take him out on his harness as he just wants to keep a good distance from you, which sometimes means slipping the harness.
What else does he need? Stimulation. With little interest in toys he's got nothing really to do. We try to interact with him, try to invite him to play. (Yes, we do stomp and point our bums at him.) He doesn't want to play with humans. I think a skunk will be perfect for him as it'll be company for him, it'll be mental and physical stimulation for him and will really enrich his life.

He'll stomp at you and if he could spray he would, I don't doubt it, but he needs handling for general health checks, claw trimming and to take him to the vets for annual vaccinations etc. Once you've caught him he'll shiver and need comforting.. the best thing for that is food. He's comfortable enough in your arms now to eat while being held. So, he has made progress, but he'll never be a people person.

Worming is easy. We put his Panacur worming paste on/in food he loves. Stress free and he does eat it. :2thumb:
I last wormed him on the 18th June.

He is currently on 400g of food a day, 200g in the morning, 200g in the evening. He's very picky about his food at the moment, maybe because of the heat.
Cucumber, celery, courgette, corn on the cob, carrot, brocolli stems, bell peppers, sweet potato and butternut squash. (sweet potato and b. squash is chopped and ready to cook brought from Sainsburys.) Mealworms/morios and roast/boiled chicken go down very well, as does probiotic yoghurts, ricotta cheese and cottage cheese.
He isn't a fan of apple, doesn't like banana, and doesn't like boiled egg.

Other foods he has eaten or usually eats (aside from those already mentioned) include;
Cauliflower, brocolli florets, turnip, parsnip, sugarsnap peas, mange tout, peas (leaves the pods, likes the peas though), brussel sprouts, radish, cabbage, kiwi, pear, mango and that's all I can think of off the top of my head.

He doesn't mind the dog, cat or rabbit (though the latter dislikes him a lot because Hobbes likes going in the rabbits territory and steals the rabbits fresh greens while I prepare his breakfast) but he does keep his distance from most of us. He's tried inviting the dog to play a few times so he does want to play, sadly just not with us.

If you a room and have a skunk that could use a companion and don't mind having a little guy who doesn't want to interact with YOU then you could very well be the person to give Hobbes what he needs and what he really deserves.

Buyer to collect so we can be sure that everyone will be happy with the outcome. Please PM for more details.

Please only enquire if you have another skunk.

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Bump for Hobbes. He could really use a friend and more space to enjoy.

I will consider reasonable offers from suitable potential parents.
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