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Very tentative sale/rehoming of my 2 blue dumbo rats.

Inq was bought in march and has 4 white paws and a white strip down his chest. A very locving little chap who loves to be handled.

Quill is a slightly darker blue/black coarser almost rex coat with a tiny white strip down his ches. we bought him in June. He's not as friendly as Inq but given the chance he will be. He's a little nippy too but time and more attention then I can give will sort this.

They come with a Ranch House Rat Condo cage, food and water bowls and their toys and any food left.

Looking to rehome due to a rather over zelouse puppy who is harrasing them constantly, so I want them to go to a better home where they will not be harrased by a dog.

Sensable offers only

Collection only from Worcester
1 - 3 of 3 Posts