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‎2 Chinese Water Dragons for sale due to not enough time to get them out and let them exercises, they're becoming untame, which is a shame because they would come out and sit calmly on your arm, now they try to run when you try and get them out.

I have recently come into a new job, which means i'm not at home as much now. While this wasn't a problem until not long ago. My step-dad (who would usually provide care while i'm not around) now works away, and my mum is too terrified of them to help with them while i'm working.

They Come with a 3 ft wide, 4 ft high and 2ft deep vivarium with a heat bulb, thermostat and UVB light. Logs, substrate, water dish and spray mister also included. Will happily eat Mealworms and Crickets, but will only touch them when they're heavily coated in Nutrobal.
Was told they was male and female, they're 2 years old now, so should be able to be sexed by the right people. Will come with two boxes to transfer them in.
£150 for everything.
Collection from Grimsby.
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