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I'm having to cut back on a few pets as we have a baby on the way and finding the time to look after 14 pets, a baby and working full time may become difficult!

Anyway first to go are my pair of Sudan Plated Lizards (Gerrhosaurus Major)... One is female and the other is male, the female has been spayed as she needed surgery a year ago due to not dropping her eggs which then overdeveloped inside her (they became too big to drop), She also has a couple of toes/digits missing (she was like this when we bought her). The male somehow lost the very tip of his tail a while ago which has since grown back.

We bought them from our local reptile store in April 2010 and they said that they were around 2-3 years old at the time, they have almost doubled in size since then so i'm not 100% sure on their age... Lifespan seems to vary between 12-20 years according to the information i can find. Both were checked out and treated for parasites after we bought them... We still have all vet receipts.

This listing includes:

* 2 x Sudan Plated Lizards (approx 3-4 years old)
* Vivexotic EX55 Vivarium (23" depth x 27" height x 55" length - a fairly large viv).
* Habistat dimming thermostat (upto 600W)
* 48" Arcadia D3 6% UVB tube - approx 4 months old
* Brand new and unopened 48" Reptisun 10.0 UVB tube
* Arcadia UVB light controller/ballast
* 2 x ceramic light sockets with a red bulb (night) and spot bulb (day)
* A couple of caves, wood, various cork bark and exo terra food/water bowls

I'm looking to sell the lot for £150... I accept Paypal or cash on collection (you will need a fairly large car or small van).

I will be sad to see them go but i need to make some sacrifices and i'm sure the new owner will enjoy them... I would prefer to sell to someone who is experienced with reptile keeping, but may *possibly* consider selling them to a 'newbie' who has done their research!

...I'll try and upload some photo's later (a couple of older pics can be seen in my profile photo album).
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