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I get a LOT of emails asking when various imports are going to be done and where i will be importing from etc etc, so i though i'd just post up some blanket information for everyone.

Timings for this year:

Advertise – 1st June
Last orders – 19th June
Deposits in by – 1st July

South America,
Advertise – 19th June
Last orders – 1st July
Deposits in by – 15th July

North America,
Advertise – 1st july
Last orders – 15th July
Deposits in by – 1st August

Advertise – 15th july
Last orders – 1st August
Deposits in by – 15th August

Advertise – 1st August
Last orders – 15th August
Deposits in by – 1st Sep

North America,
Advertise – 15th August
Last orders – 1st Sep
Deposits in by – 15th Sep

Additional countries:
Currently there are NO fixed plans to add further countries to this list. However, i am willing to retry Malaysia should we get enough interest. Also worth noting that if there is a country/region you dont see, let me know what you're interested in and i'll see if i can make it happen.

Animals listed:
Before you say it, yes, we know that not all the scientific names are either up to date or accurate. The lists provided come from the exporter, who often is not as up to speed with taxonomic changes as you or just flat out isnt really sure.
If there is an animal MISSING from a list that you would like from a country/region advertised then let me know and i'll see what i can do.

Services offered:
We are ONLY brokers, simply connecting you with animals that are available. Stock is rarely held and extras not ordered. Previous customers get access to a "surplus" list of animals at a discounted rate but these are still NOT held in stock. For that reason, pictures are NEVER available.

I am looking at adding additional services for the US shipments but details will be published at a later date.

The single best way to contact us is via email. I am in Canada working other aspects of my career, so, in a different time zone and unable to answer your emails as swiftly as perhaps i would like. To that end, email Stephen Court. Stephen is my UK representative, he handles the animals for me in the UK and has the ability to answer any questions you may have. Email him at [email protected]

Specific details relating to each shipment will be added to the adverts placed, regular terms and conditions remain the same for all shipments though. Please read these before trying to order.
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Lots to look forwards to then :2thumb:
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