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I have 1.3 lovely 2012 Hog cross Boas for sale, they are all 66% poss het Blood!

These are great little Boas that will remain nice and small, the parents are only about 4ft (male) and 5ft (female). They have great colour which is getting better with each slough.

Female F12 for £125...

Male M13 for £125 ...

Female F14 for £125 ...

Female F8 for £195. She is 50% Hog but has a VERY high Hog influence!

If you bred a pair of these together & they prove out you could also produce nice clean Blood Boas with 50% Hog influence!

Delivery and payment plans can be arranged, please email [email protected] or call on 07847 122 194.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts