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For sale is a 3 tier fish tank stank with tanks seperate starter units and lights.
I dont have full deatails as for a friend but can be aquired!
In total they stand 83" high on stand,
bottom tank measure ments are
14.5cm H X 48cm L X 12cm W
middle tank is
21.5cm H X 48cm L X 12cm W
and top tank is
11cm H X 48cm L X 12cm W
Each tank situated on a black metal frame with red front opening doors(pic)
A very good looking stack and has cost him quite alot of money but due to moving he needs shifting asap as needs to free up funds for the move.
sorry about the pic quality but its the only pic availabe until further notice.
The only tank that had been in use is the middle for his turtles.
He is not sure on a price so is asking for sensable offers.
Defently worth a look.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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