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Hi all,

I'm very close to buying a beautiful pair of Fire Skinks from my local pet shop(although I'm also a little tempted by Leopard Geks).

I've read all about both species so pretty clued up about the requirements in general. Now I'm at the point of buying a vivarium for them but would like some advise before I do so.

We've pretty much narrowed it down to to choices, the first is a standard glass tank style viv with front sliding doors and an open top, dimensions are 40"x12" (unsure of height, approx 20")

The second and more favoured viv by both myself & my gf is a hexaganol vivarium, this comes complete with a glass lid(slightly raised for air circualtion and some added holes to the lid). The dimensions for the hex viv are 32" all around(hope that makes sense), obviously six sided, no doors. Would this be suitable dimensions for a pair of Fire Skinks please.

Also feel free to comment on Leos in either of these vivs as I haven't entirely ruled them out yet, I'm just slightly more drawn to the Fire Skinks.

I should also mention that as I'm living in Argentina heating isn't much of an issue here, perhaps a low wattage basking spot for the FSs.

Anyway, any thoughts much appreciated!

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