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Picked up my 3rd snake yesterday - a normal, proven adult male corn, het for bloodred. He's just under 5 ft long, and very calm when handled. And talk about laid back - he shed his skin in the car on the way home! Don't be shy little fella....

Will post some pics when hes had a few days to settle in, and I find out who's deleted image shack from my PC!

He's been bought as a partner for my female corn (Amel), gonna attempt my first ever breeding this year with them. They've both shed within the last 3 days. I understand the breeding season starts after the females spring shed, so should I expect this around April and introduce them then?

I've spoken to a few people regarding the age of the female - she will be 9 years old this year, is in good condition, and hasn't been bred before. Everyone has said she will be OK, and I only intend to breed for 2 or 3 years max. So final check, does anyone think her age will be a problem, or should I go for it?

Thanks Baby05xx - great snake, but I'm changing his name from Thomas to Bayliss... sorry, but I'm sure he won't mind!
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