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I have a 3 foot long X 2 feet high X 2 feet deep beech viv.
In decent used condition. The viv has been sealed.
comes complete with a little strip light and a ceramic holder with cable and plug. No ceramic bulb, cage or stat.
It's bigger than a normal 3 foot viv so ideal if your snake/lizard likes to climb a lot.

The only thing I would mention is that the glass doesn't seem to want to come out. Could probably come if I forced it a bit more but could damage it.
However, as the viv is nice and high (2ft) there's plenty of room to get in and out for cleaning etc. You can get the biggest pieces of wood through the doors.
The previous owner put tape on the edge of the glass (not sure why). I've removed the tape but the glass could do with a proper clean to get the remaining sticky off. It didn't bother me so I never bothered. haha :)

This is a bargain at £20 as the ceramic fitting and light are nearly worth that alone. :gasp:

Collection from South Manchester (M23 0AS)

A pic of the viv:

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