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  • 2x Eheim 2215.
  • 2x sunsun type external filters.
  • Plenty of pipes/taps/attachments.
  • Decorative wood and stones.
  • Approx 12kg of Alfragrog.
  • Some other filter media types: wool, ceramic rings and some plastic ball things.
  • Fake plants.

Important points.
  1. All this stuff has been in my garage for the past year and needs a good clean before use.
  2. The 2 sun sun type filters have rubber feet missing. This doesn't affect the filter other than being noisy on a hard surface unless you wedge something under them.
  3. All 4 filters are well used, they are not pristine shiny new filters. They do however work perfectly fine.
  4. There are plenty more pipe/parts/attachments than shown on the picture.

Moving house and want rid asap, hence price.

Collection only.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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