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Very well custom made 6ft by 2ft by 2ft vivarium in mahogany colour. 4 sliding front glass panels for easy access. All wiring has been proffessionly installed with switches for the lighting. All plugs run to an extension lead attached to the viv, so only the need for one external plug socket to run the whole set up. The inside has been kitted out to resemble a cave for a more natural feeling, with a sand covered hiding area to the left hand side and a water tray to the right. With various different hard to find logs that come together to form an arch in the middle and produces an area of darkness for her to confine under.
The package includes everything that you would need to make her happy. 2ft heat mat at the back, 1ft heat mat at the front, heat rock to help her digest her food, UV lighting transformer and bulb, spotlight basking lamp positioned over a long slab of rock with ridges to scratch the belly, large water tray big enough for her to lay in, a long arched tree trunk with perfect sized piece of bark that come together, lots of different plastic plants, and various sized rocks of different shapes, colours and sizes. Altogether a very smart looking set up. All in all the cost of the vivarium, lizard, and extras has exceeded £500.
The lizard is absolutely stunning and one of the most friendly you are likely to ever find. Ideal for beginners and experienced handlers alike. She has beautiful markings and I personally haven’t seen a lizard that I think looks better. She is never aggressive and loves to be handled. She is very easy to look after and the way the viv is organised, it is very easy to clean out. Requires feeding twice a week and water bowl changed regularly, but apart from that you can leave her to her own devices. She is just under 3ft long and isn’t going to grow anymore. I will be very sad to see her go but unfortunately with job commitments I just haven’t got the time to look after as I can be away for weeks on end.
I am based in Croydon, South east London and the buyer would need to collect, unless I happened to be heading in your direction. I would not sell separately and please no time wasters. I am looking for £250 no offers. Contact [email protected] or by phone on 07917 431 281. Pictures of lizard and viv avaliable on request
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