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hi there me and my partener have a 5 foot common boa believed to be male for sale, he has great colorings and markings and is friendly.
hes about 2 years old and his name is fluffy.
he eats on 1 rat every week or 3 large mice depending on what they have in the shop that week.
we are selling him without a viv as we need the viv for our other reptiles as they are breeding so he cannot come with a home he will need one waiting for him.

we live in north london and he must be collected as we have no travel.

if you interested we will take offers on him as good home is the most important thing here.

only experianced snake keepers pls as he is quite large friendly but not begginers size. hes a great pet, e-mail me with offers and u can also leave a contact number if u would like more details.
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