Boa Constrictor (BCI)

Price: £20 ONO
Born 21/06/2017
Location: Bristol BS16 7DR
Contact: Geoff Lloyd on [email protected] or 07786540330
7′ Adult Boa Constrictor (BCI). Breeder Code SJ7M (Not me): Pastel Hypo, Possible Super, 100% Het Sharp, 50% Anery

Bought from a breeder at one of the Doncaster IHS shows, though I am not 100% sure which one, could probably work it out by reaching out to some of the breeders there)
Extremely tame and pleasant natured. Never attempted to bite. Good feeder, in great shape, not overweight or thin, good eater and perfect sheds.
I am reluctant to part with him but I do not intend to breed from him and am looking to replace with something else.