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Hi all,

Started a new post as he last one became too messy. :whip:

Adelphobates castaneoticus 1.2, approximately 2-3 years old. Prolific breeders producing healthy offspring with each clutch. These will come with a planted and decorated 45x45x60 exo terra, including lights. The viv has seen many improvements from the roof being converted with glass to a glass sloping base (all water tight), for further detail on plants and decor please see image. £180 ono or £140 excluding viv

Dendrobates azureus 0.0.3, approximately 4-5 months old. All three doing as they should (eating, defecating etc). These will come with a planted and decorated 60x45x60 exo terra, including matching canopy. The viv has also been converted with a glass roof and glass sloping base. Please see image for further detail on the set up. £140 ono or £60 excluding viv

For more information or further images (of viv or frogs) feel free to send me a message.
Collection from Birmingham (5 minutes from the NEC)

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