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Just added some more pics - The glass on the viv needs a bit of a clean as the dragon splashes water up it alot!!! i will do this before pick up though so it will be a nice sparkly clean viv!!!

For Sale - adult male green water dragon. ~ 2 ft from head to tail, good temperament - never tried to bite although has not been handled much over the last year of so since we've moved house, may need to get him used to being handled again.

Vivarium - 6ft x 2ft x 2ft. Silver effect wood - slight damage on one corner. Large heat mat running ~ 2/3 lenth of the tank, ceramic heat bulb, UV light running length of viv (although this could do with updating), Several large pieces of wood for him to climb about on (would be pretty pricey from a shop!) few fake plants, stone, water bowl holder + cat litter tray (never used by a cat!!) for water bowl. Food bowl with lip so mealworms can't escape.

Sad to see him go but have moved and are redecorating and will no longer have the space for him :(
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