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We have this great looking Male crested gecko available. £70.00

He is an adult and a proven breeder and in fantastic condition - he weighs 40grams with tail intact and never had any issues with eating.
He is a great looking gecko and fires up black at night :gasp:

He has produced Blondes, Halloweens and Tigers when paired with different females, and I’m still to see what little gems he produces this year.
He eats both Clarkes and Repashy, and regularly takes roaches and crickets too – he prefers his food on the larger size and sometimes ignores the smaller ones.

We have never had any problems at all with this chap, he can be quite quick though and takes a few minutes to calm down once out of his enclosure, but once he does he is great to handle too and is very active and responsive to handling.
He would make a great pet for someone looking for a ‘Wow’ display animal - or a great addition to a Harlequin or Blonde breeding project – during the day he is also usually the most awesome green colour too – very unusual.

If you want any more info at all or would like to view him in person just drop us a message :)
More photos in this album:
Reptile Forums - UKCrestie's Album: Ziggy


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