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I am reluctantly having to sell my beautiful Fire and Pinstripe morph royal due to moving away for university. He is currently located in Renfrewshire in Scotland but I can bring him down to the Lake District where I am based for uni if there are any interested southerners.

They are both over 1kg in weight, I haven't weighed them in quite a while but I can get an accurate weight if anyone requires it.

They are proven breeders, not by myself but from their previous owners before me. I never got round to finding them girlfriends.

They both eat defrosted large weener rats but can quite easily take a small rat.

As they haven't been handled that much due to me moving away for uni and they are being cared for by someone else they have become a little snappy but fine once they are out of their tanks.

Sale of these beautiful snakes will include a RUB container, hide, water bowl and heat mat each if required.

£250 each.

Thanks for your interest!


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