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Hi Guys,

I'm now putting up for sale my stunning group of 3 adult (about 2years old) Ranitomeya Highland Lamasi Sirensis.

Absolutely stunning bright frogs (pics of adult frogs for sale) quite bold and I have heard calling, but I'm unsure of sex ratios.

Also included in the sale is their Fully Live Planted, custom made background bioactive Exo Terra (30x30x45cm) viv, its the newer style Exo with the better mesh top. Also Included is the light unit and jungle dawn LED which grows the plants (which include broms, fitonia, climbers, moss and more) extremely well! As you can see in the pics the plants are very vibrant.

There is a natural coco bowl sunken into the substrate and there is a drainage layer and a tube to drain the viv should you need to. Some film canisters hidden in the expanding foam / coco fibre background as well as some planting pots higher up.

There is also a heat Matt on the viv as well.

Collection from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

Any questions please let me know



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