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I have an adult male collared, who is suddenly developing a row of small, evenly spaced wounds to his tail, from the base of his tail to about halfway down the length. they have bled very slightly and have grown in number, I have no idea what can be causing this.

I had another male (who passed away after digging his way under a rock, rest in peace Bob), that also developed this. The female is just fine. I wondered at first if a rogue cricket has had a chew on him, but if that were the case wouldnt he have just one wound? Why would they bite another three or four holes in him?

There are rounded rocks in the viv, nothing he can catch it on, and he slightly underweight after having been kept too cold in the reptile shop, but has been stuffing himself silly on wax worms for a few weeks, and is trying regularly to mate with the female, which tells me he isnt seriously ill. My other half reckoned he read something about protruding bones in lizards but he isnt SKINNY, just a little underweight considering his very large size, there are no hip or tail bones protruding, I'm treating it, and the old ones are drying out but the new ones obviously are wet.... I also noticed one on his toe this evening....any suggestions?

PS the female's absoultely fine
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