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Hi all, just looking for some advice really. I have an African land snail called Ezekiel, he'e over a year old and I got him off the internet from a livefood place (who posted him through the letter box which I wasn't best pleased about)

Anyway, I've really been having issues getting him to eat, especially recently. I just wondered if anyone could suggest anything. He had a brake at the tip of his shell, I was told this was common so have ensured hes got plenty of cuttlefish but it doesn't seem to be healing fast. This was months ago :(

I've tried: Round lettuce, mixed lettuce, Papiya, Cucumber (which he used to love), Apple, water melon (he had a little of not much), etc.
He just goes straight over them most of the time if not buggers off the other direction...

I've noticed he falls off his lid a lot lately also which im unsure if is something connected.

I'd guess hes around 7CM maybe less and not sure if thats aright size for his age. (he has to be pushing 2 now)

If anyone had any ideas i'd really appreciate it as i'm definitely beginning to worry, just want him to eat...

Thanks in advance
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