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I have loads of these from weaners for food to sub adults for breeding groups:

For those who don't know about multis, weaners are large mouse size, sub adults are twice as big and adults are around small rat size. They are easy to keep, just like mice and the great thing is unlike mice and rats, they don't smell so you can keep them indoors. They are also like chocolate to fussy feeding royals, maybe because they are part of the royal python's natural diet.

I now have over 15 breeding groups now from 4 different blood lines so if you are looking for a regular supply of these, look no further!

Collection only prices are:

Weaner males £2
Weaner females £2.50
Weaner pairs £4
Weaner trios £6
10 weaners for £20 (mixed sex)

Sub adult males £3
Sub adult females £4
Sub adult pairs £6
Sub adult trios £9

I am just 3 minutes from jct 9 of the M27 (Whiteley) and I can also supply frozen multis if needed, just let me know a few hours in advance so they are nice and fresh.

I have a table at the Kidderminster show however as no live rodents are allowed there, we would need to meet nearby before the show starts (at 11am) if you want me to deliver some.


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