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hi i have this male albino banded cali king for sale or swap do to being let down.
would accept cash or swap for either normal royals or eny corns considered.
right hes small for his age because he went missing for 1 year and 2 months after being found he had no health problems and fed on the same sheds and eats perfect.had him back for about 4 months now hes a early 08 no papers or records due to not wanting to keep him so havent kept eny on him. i have been told he should get to full size but may take a litle longer.
can be handled if you dont mind the occasional bite but otherwise i wouldnt if your scared.eny 1 interested plz feel free to ask needs to be collected and can come and see if you like before buying .
thanks brett.
hes a litle bigger than this now but cant get a new pictures as camera is broken sorry.
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