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Probably the most genetically powerful investments there is in Retics because of what they can do for the small breeder, these Lavender SunGoldens can almost instantly make a name for anyone who has one. Think of the investment in breeding one of these. If you have an older (18month old or better) Lavender Albino female- a snake that has been around for a long time, and can be purchased for a minimal amount up front- you can breed a male to her in just 18 months to be producing 12 different high end combos in Retics in each clutch! Many of those are snakes that most people have never had the opportunity to even see in the flesh! With that one breeding, you will make Purple SunGoldens, Lav Sun Goldens, White SunGoldens, Purple GoldenChilds, Lav GoldenChilds, White GoldenChilds, Purple Sunfires, Lav Sunfires, White Sunfires, Purple Lav, and Whites! You get the idea! Now, think about how this one male can do that with multiple females each year, and once you have him, you can add another of those clutches for every cheap little Albino (or even het Albino!) that you pick up! With a female of one of these, produced from the first breedings of them ever, you will be able to do all that, plus add the crazy new genetics that will be produced, which we can only dream of now- rocketing you to a whole new level as soon as she is breedable. There just isn't a better investment out there right now.

Baby Male
An insane investment for someone with Albino females- breed this guy to a Lavender and make 12 different high end morphs in each clutch, just 18 months from now!


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