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Hi, I'm probably being naughty but wanted to let folks here know about some amazing driftwood for vivariums. My mum collects it from Scotland, it's quite different from your normal seaside stuff, it's actually root pieces that have washed up on loch sides, so it's very smooth, twisty and sculptural and just beautiful. It's perfect for small reptiles as it's totally smooth has loads of natural hollows and arches.

She sells it on Ebay under username Kilda11 kilda11 on eBay

She does courier a lot but has to do collection only on some pieces and she lives in Lincolnshire so I'm helping her out selling it over my side of the country I live in Greater Manchester.

I have one piece available at the moment but she's bringing me a lot more.
Large Driftwood Piece | eBay

I'm in all the time and happy for people to come and take a look and buy direct. A few people over my side of the country build vivariums with this wood so you might have seen it already.

(I've used her username for here so people who know her wood already will recognise the name and see this post)

Here's an example

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