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Hey guys, I need alot of books for my Degree if anyone has these or others they would recommend for sale please let me know:
Alcock, J. (2009) Animal behaviour: an evolutionary approach (3rd edition). USA: Sinauer Associates
Bradshaw D, (2003). Vertebrate ecophysiology: an introduction to its principles and applications. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
Dugatkin LA. (2004) Principles of animal behaviour. WW Norton and Company
Fraser, D. (2008), Understanding Animal Welfare:The science in its cultural context. Oxford: Blackwell Science Ltd.
Hill RW, Wyse GA and Anderson M (2008), Animal Physiology 2nd Ed. Sinauer Associates Inc.
Martin, P. & Bateson. P. (2007) Measuring Behaviour: An Introductory Guide. 3rd edition. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
Warren, D. (2001) Small Animal Care & Management, Delmar Publishers
Willmer P, Stone G, Johnston I (2005), Environmental Physiology of Animals 2nd Ed, Blackwell Science Ltd.
Young R J, (2003). Environmental enrichment for captive animals, UFAW Animal Welfare Series. Oxford: Blackwell Scientific.

Akers RM and Denbow D (2008), Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals, Wiley Blackwell
Arnold, N. & Ovenden, D (2002) Reptiles & amphibians of Britain & Europe. United Kingdom: Collins
Aughey E and Frye F L (2001), Comparative Veterinary Histology, Manson Publishing
Battersby, J. (2005) UK mammals: first report by the tracking partnership: species status and population trends: United Kingdom: JNCC.
Bekoff, M. & Byers, J.A. (1998) Animal play: evolutionary, comparative and ecological perspectives. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
Bone Q , Marshall N B, Blaxter J H S (2007), Biology of Fishes 3rd edition, Chapman and Hall
Cotgreave, P. & Forseth, I. 2002. Introductory Ecology. Blackwell Science.
Cunningham J G and Klein B G (2007), Textbook of Veterinary Physiology, Saunders
Dallas, S. (2006) Animal Biology & Care. Oxford: Blackwell publishing Ltd.
Danchin, E., Giraldeau, L. & Cezilly, F. (2008) Behavioural ecology. Oxford: Oxford University Press
Eckert R, Randall DJ, Burggren W, French K and Burggren WW (2001), Eckert: Animal Physiology 5th ed, W.H.Freeman & Co Ltd
Hosey G, Melfi V and Pankhurst S, (2009). Zoo animals: Behaviour, management and welfare. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Hudson, P., Rizzoli, A., Grenfell, B., Heesterbeek, H. & Dobson, A. (2001) Ecology of wildlife diseases. United Kingdom: Oxford University Press
Judah V and Nuttall K, (2008). Exotic animal care & management. New York: Thomson Delmar Learning.
Jurd R D (2003) Instant Notes in Animal Biology, Bios Scientific Publishers
Krebs J R & Davies N B. (1993) An introduction to behavioural ecology (3rd Edition). Oxford: Blackwell Science Publishers
Kunz, T.H. & Fenton, M.B. (2005) Bat Ecology. USA: University of Chicago Press
Lane, D. R., Cooper, B. & Turner, L. (2007) BSAVA Text Book of Veterinary Nursing, British Small Animal Veterinary Association
Macdonald, D. & Barret, P. (1993) Mammals of Britain & Europe. United Kingdom: Collins
MacDonald, D. & Burnham, D. (2008) The state of Britains mammals. United Kingdom: Peoples trust for Endangered Species.
Macdonald, D. (2009) Encyclopedia of mammals. United Kingdom: Oxford University Press
Mann, J., O’Connor, R., Tyack, T.L. & Whitehead, A. (2000) Cetacean societies; field studies of whales and dolphins: USA: Chicago University Press
Manning A & Stamp Dawkins M .(1998) An Introduction to Animal behaviour (5th Edition). Great Britain: Cambridge University Press.
Marieb EN and Hoehn K (2006) Human Anatomy and Physiology, Pearson Education
Mason G (ed) and Rushen J (ed), (2006). Stereotypic animal behaviour: Fundamentals and applications to welfare. 2nd ed. Wallingford: CABI.
McFarland D. (1999) Animal Behaviour 3rd Edition. Essex: Addison Wesley Longman Ltd.
McFarland, D. (2006) A dictionary of animal behaviour. Oxford: Oxford University Press
McGowan C (1999), Practical guide to Vertebrate Mechanics, Cambridge University Press
Moore J and Overhill R (2001), An Introduction to the Invertebrates (Studies in Biology), Cambridge University Press
Moyes CD and Schulte PM (2008), Principles of Animal Physiology 2nd Ed. Pearson Education Inc.
Ploger, B.J. & Yasukawa. K. (2002) Exploring behaviour in the laboratory and field. Academic Press
Poole T (ed), (1999). The UFAW handbook on the care and management of laboratory animals volume 2: Amphibious and aquatic vertebrates and advanced invertebrates. 7th ed. Oxford: Blackwell Scientific.
Primack, R.B. (2000). A Primer of Conservation Biology. Second Edition. Sinauer.
Roberts V (ed) and Scott-Park F (ed), (2008). BSAVA Manual of farm pets, BSAVA Manuals. Gloucester: BSAVA.
Schatten H (ed) and Constantinescu G M (ed), (2007). Comparative reproductive biology. Iowa: Blackwell.
Schmidt-Nielsen K (1997), Animal Physiology: Adaptation and Environment, Cambridge University Press
Scott, G. (2005) Essential animal behaviour. Oxford: Blackwell Scientific
Sterry, P. (2008) Collins complete guide to British wildlife. United Kingdom: Collins
Svensson, L., Mullarney, K., Zetterstrom, D. & Grant, P.J. (2009) Collins bird guide (2nd Ed). United Kingdom: Collins
Tortora G J (2005), Principles of Anatomy and Physiology, Harper Collins
Tortora GJ and Grabowski S R (2002), Principles of Anatomy and Physiology, Harper Collins
Townsend, C.R., Begon, M. & Harper, J.L. (2008) Essentials of ecology (3rd Ed.). London: Blackwell
Walker WF, Hornberger D (1999), Anatomy and Dissection of the Rat, WH Freeman & Co Ltd
Ward J D, (2008). A manual for laboratory animal management, Manuals in Biomedical Research vol 5. London: World Scientific.
Waugh A and Grant A (2006), Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness, Churchill Livingstone
Webster J, (2005). Animal welfare - limping towards eden, UFAW Animal Welfare Series. Oxford: Blackwell.
White B (2001), Studying for Science, A guide to information, communication and study techniques, Spon Press
Wolfensohn S and Honess P, (2005). Handbook of primate husbandry and welfare. Oxford: Blackwell.
Wolfensohn S and Lloyd M, (1998). Handbook of laboratory animal management and welfare. 2nd ed. Oxford: Blackwell Scientific.
Any help you can give would be very much appreciated


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Wow that's a long list I know Amazon have a lot of those for sale as they are in my wanted list, good luck

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Wow that's a long list I know Amazon have a lot of those for sale as they are in my wanted list, good luck
I just started my degree and this is all the essential and recommended reading so just throwing out a few lines here first lol

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I would highly recommend buying Hosey G, Melfi V and Pankhurst S, (2009). Zoo animals: Behaviour, management and welfare. Oxford: Oxford University Press. ASAP

Its one of the best zoo books I have used and it was a great use in my animal behaviour and welfare degree
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