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Shipments now in stock include;

Masses of unusual and rarely offered for sale Lampropeltis (Kings and Milks) including Jalisco’s, Durango Mountain, Thayeri’s, Snow Cali’s, Costa Rican Black Milks, Albino Prairies, Albino Goins, Albino Speckled, Black and White and Hypo Brooks and lots of other morphs of Cali Kings.

Masses of Serpenco bred Corn snakes of various colour morphs including Black Motley’s, Blood red Hypo’s, Candy Canes, Charcoal Ghost, Crimson, Fluorescent orange, Lavender het Opal, Lavender Hypo, Hypo Motleys, Pewter and Sunkissed.

Other interesting snakes include Glossy snakes, Coachwhips, Muellers Sand Boas and three species of Garters / Ribbons.

Masses of colour morphs of Leopard geckos including Albino Chocolate, Albino Designer, Albino Rainwater, Blazing Blizzards, Carrot-tail Hypos, Hypos, Leucistic, Blizzards and more!

Other lizards of interest include an unusual species of Mountain Horned Dragon – the Blue Mouthed Mountain Horned Dragon (Acanthosaurus lepidogaster).

Several terrapin / turtle species also including Northern Diamondbacks and Giant Pacific Coast Musk turtles.

Amphibians include various Horned frogs (including beautiful Ornates!!), Budgetts frogs, Surinam toads, the very rare (first time offered for sale in the UK) Cameroon Small-tongued toad (Werneria preussi) and two interesting but unidentified Caecilians species. Sorry, but there is only one of the Hairy frogs left now!

Species due in the next two weeks include (we are now taking advance orders – so be quick to make sure you get what you want – and to get the advance order discounts!)

White Lipped pythons (Golden) White Lipped pythons (Black) – very rarely offered for sale!

Various adult/sub-adult Green tree pythons including Biaks, Manokwari, Sorong, Jayapura, Merauke, Wamena, Cyclops Mountain and Waigeo. These will be the same stunning quality that sold out very quickly on the last Indonesian shipment – just got to be seen, no wonder they sold out within days! Babies and juveniles of some will also be available at cheaper prices.

Other interesting snakes include Blood pythons (Brongersmai).

I will not be contactable until Friday 1st December, so please be patient when making enquiries. All animals will be the usual excellent Coast to Coast quality, feeding well and backed by our legendary Customer care!
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