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There was a programme on there last night about pythons, it showed you the amethyst python, reticulated, and a few other

Now I see why the reticulated is loved, they were gorgeous snakes

But why people would own them I never know, he measured 1 and it was about 23ft long!

There was 1 part when the guy went into some caves, and tried getting this HUGE python out and it swam round him and had him twice, it gashed him really bad on his thigh, nice and deap!!!

But the worse part I seen was he got this snake that eats bats, and made it regurge it just so he could see what it had ate!!! I was not amused at that, it could of killed the poor snake!!!!

Why is it that people do this just to show the camera what sort of food the snake ate? If he had any love for snakes he should of known that it could of killed it as it could of brought its lungs and that up with it!!

Some people are so stupid! It was after that, that he got tagged by the larger snake, finally got his comupance!
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