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Coast to Coast Exotics, 124 North Road, Darlington, County Durham, DL1 2EJ.
TEL; 01325 283756. FAX; 01325 255060 E-MAIL; [email protected]



Don’t forget we are always looking for good quality captive bred stock, contact us with details!
If you want to see pictures of the stock find us on Facebook!

These are the animals we had in stock in our shop in Darlington on the current date. Please remember we only sell animals (apart from inverts and spiders) to customers that can collect from the shop. Please visit this page often - we endeavour to update frequently. If you have a specific wants list contact us and we will do our best for you. Although this list is compiled with care and vast herpetological experience we accept that mistakes and errors can happen, especially when busy with shipments coming and going! We welcome any suggestions.

Current 1st April 2012

Boas and Pythons (Boidae)

Brazilian Rainbow Boa CB (Epicrates cenchria cenchria) The most popular of the Rainbow Boas! £169
Albino Boa CB (Boa constrictor sp.) Nice youngsters, get in quick! £225
Boa Constrictor CB (Boa constrictor imperator) 50% het Albino, a good cheap way to get the albino gene into your breeding stock. £120
Boa Constrictor CB (Boa constrictor imperator) possibly 50% het albino. Great just as normal pet boas. £95
Common Boa CB (Boa constrictor sp.) Nice sized female! £120
Common Boa Hatchlings (Boa constrictor spp) Fresh stock, less than six months old. £95
Hogg Isle Boa CB (Boa constrictor sp.) The original hypo-melanistic boas! Even prettier on a night time! Unrelated pair of juveniles available!! £295 each.
£570 the pair.
Kenyan Sand Boa CtCB (Gonglyophis colubrinus) 2010 young growing well! £79.95
Columbian Rainbow Boa CB (Epicrates maurus) Close to young adult size specimens of this excellent pet species! £89.95
Black and White Sand boa CB (Gongylophis colubrinus). Always sell quickly, but these might be the last batch for a while. £159.95
Kenyan Sand Boa CtCB (Gonglyophis colubrinus) 2011 babies, limited amounts ready! £69.95
Coastal Rosy Boas Cb (Lichanura trivirgata roseofusca). Great species of small boa, easy to manage keep similar to Corn snakes. £175

Jungle Carpet pythons CB (Morelia spilota cheynei). Bred locally, nice yellow examples. £160

RATSNAKES (Elaphe and related)

Corn snakes;
Adult Carolina Corn Snake CB (P. guttatus) Perfect for a pet! £69.95
Adult Amel Corn Snake CB (P. guttatus) Unusually coloured Amel, would make a fantastic pet or future breeder £79.95
Grown on Root Beer (Mega) Corn snakes CTCB 2010 (P. guttatus x P. emoryi). Nice and chunky. £39.95
Grown on Carolina Corn Snake CB (P. guttatus) The commonest Corn Morph! £59.95
Grown on Snow Corn Snake CB (P. guttatus) One of our favourite morphs!! £54.95
Hatchling Carolina Corn Snake CB (P. guttatus) The pet morph! £34.95
Hatchling Mega Corn Snake CtCB (P. guttatus X P. emoryi) Rootbeers last of the late season last year! £34.95
Hatchling Creamsical Corn Snake CB (P. guttatus) First of the season! £59.95
Hatchling Snow Corn Snake CtCB (P. guttatus) One of the most popular morphs! 2011 hatch £49.95
Hatchling Caramel Corn Snake CtCB (P. guttatus) Last one! 2011 hatch £49.95
Hatchling Anerytheristic Corn Snake CtCB (P. guttatus) Limited amounts of this morph, but one of the best sellers! £39.95
Hatchling Crimson Corn Snake CtCB (P. guttatus) Deep reds, gorgeous snakes, 2011 hatch! £49.95
Hatchling Amelanistic Corn Snake CtCB (P. guttatus) Beautiful oranges, some beauties in amongst them. 2011 hatch £39.95
Hatchling Hypo Corn Snake CtCB (P. guttatus) Getting a lot more affordable now, fantastic morph! 2011 hatch £49.95
Hatchling Crimson Rootbeer Snake CtCB (P. guttatus X P. emoryi) stunning! £49.95
Hatchling Jungle Rootbeer Corn Snake CB (P. guttatus X P. emoryi x L.getula) A real mixed bag of genes, interesting stock to grow on to breed! £59.95
Hatchling Butter het Motley Corn Snake CB (P. guttatus) locally bred, gorgeous snakes! £69.95
Hatchling Opal Corn Snake CB (P. guttatus) Locally bred, Fantastic morph! £79.95
Hatchling Butter Corn Snake CB (P. guttatus) One of our favourites, and at a reasonable price now! £59.95
Hatchling Okeetee Corn Snake CB (P. guttatus) Finally back in stock!! £49.95
Hatchling Snopal Corn Snake CB (P. guttatus) A fantastic twist on the snow genetics! £69.95
Hatchling Snow het Stripe Corn Snake CB (P. guttatus) A great chance to get the stripe genes in your breeding programs! £59.95
Hatchling Butter Motley Corn Snake CB (P. guttatus) Great motleys, as always missing the checker board! £69.95
Hatchling Hypo Rootbeer Corn Snake CTCB (P. guttatus X P. emoryi) Fantastic coloured little snakes at the minute! £44.95
Hatchling Lavender Corn Snake CB (Pantherophis guttatus) Only one available, get in quick these are very popular at the moment! £89.95
Hatchling Golddust Corn Snake CB (P. guttatus) A fantastic twist on the sought after golddust form! £89.95

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Ladder Snake CB (Rhinechis scalaris) A fantastic European species, not offered that often. Decent size, 18 months old.. £110
Taiwan Beauty Snake CB (Orthiophis taeniurus freisei) A grown on snake, beautiful! One only at this size! £89.95
Japanese Rat Snake CB (Elaphe climacophora) Rarely offered at such a grown on size. £95
Taiwan Beauty Snake CB (Orthiophis taeniurus freisei) Youngsters! £79.95
Sub Adult Albino Amur Rat Snake CB (Elaphe shrenki anomola) Great snake, nearly big enough for breeding! Possible pair available! £295
Trans Pecos Rat Snake CB (Bogertophis subocularis) Adult, rarely offered snake! £200
Trans Pecos Rat Snake CB (Bogertophis subocularis) Grown on, rarely offered snake! Potential mate for the above! £175
Sub adult Texas Rat Snake CB (Pantherophis obsoleta lindheimeri) Not offered as much these days, but one of our favourite locality rats! Young female! £59.95
Hatchling Rusty Red Rat Snake CtCB (P. obsoletus) Fantastic coloured rat snakes! £69.95
Thai Bamboo Rat Snakes CB (Oreocryptophis p. coxi) Gorgeous specimens! £195
Hatchling Licourish Rat Snake CtCB (Pantherophis obsoleta sp.) 2011 Hatch just ready! £69.95


Adult Mexican Black Kingsnake CB (Lampropeltis getula nigritus) Beautiful black snake, Male. £95
Adult Desert King Snake CB (Lampropeltis getula splendida) A nice change to the usual Californians! £79.95
Grown on Mexican Black King Snake CB (Lampropeltis getulus nigritus) Young female, potential mate with the above when adult. £89.95
Grown on Desert Kingsnake CB (Lampropeltis getula splendida) Big baby. Fantastic blacks and yellows! £59.95
Grown on Snow Californian Kingsnake CB (Lampropeltis getulus californiae) Growing well! Only males left £95
Grown on Coastal Abharent Californian King Snake CB (L. getulus californiae) well started! £79.95
Grown on Desert Abharent Californian King Snake CB (Lampropeltis getulus californiae) Stunning snake. £79.99
Hatchling Grey Banded Kingsnake CtCB (Lampropeltis alterna) fantastic little snakes, only a few available, feeding well on pinkies! £89.95

Milks, Mountain Kings and others;
Unidentified Kingsnake Cb (Lampropeltis spp.) Probably a cross breed – came to us as mexicana, but it isn’t. seems to have a portion of every mexicana, alterna species and sub-species – a right mongrel! Nice snakes though, very, very pretty. £95

Garter Snake CB (Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis) Babies father was T. S.sirtalis flame morph, mother was T. S. Sirtalis Melanistic morph £49.95
Garter Snake CB (Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis) Babies! Father was T. S. Sirtalis het Melanistic, mother was was standard T. S. Sirtalis) £49.95
Red Spotted Garter Snake CB (Thamnophis sirtalis concinnus) Nicely sized specimens! £69.95
Western Black Necked Garter Snake CB (Thamnophis cyrtopsis crytopsis) Sub Adults available. Fantastic and rarely offered species! £95
Grown on Amelanistic Gopher Snake CB (Pituophis catenifer) Gorgeous high yellow/orange snake. £95
Grown on Bull Snake CB (Pituophis catenifer sayi) Nicely started off for you, and past the hissy stage! £49.95
Californian Red-sided Garter Snakes CB (Thamnophis sirtalis infernalis). These are truly stunning and give San Francisco Garters a run for their money – at a much cheaper price! Females available! £69.95
Baja Gopher Snake CB (Pituophis catenifer vertebralis) Young male, Gorgeously marked! £130
Sub Adult male Western Hognose Snake CB (Heterodon nasicus) Last one! Fantastic for a pet or ready for the new breeding season! £95
Speckled Hognose LTC (Leiheterodon geayi) Adult male surplus to our breeding programs £200
Patternless Southern Pine Snake CB (Pituophis melanoleucus mutigus) Young pair available, great investment. £170
Cape House snakes CB (Lamprophis capensis). Excellent alternative to Corn snakes for beginners. These are a very pretty variant £34.95

GECKOS (Geckonidae)

Leopard geckos;
Bell’s Sunglow Leopard Gecko (Eublepharis macularius) Nice sized specimens! £95
Hatchling/Grown on Designer Leopard Gecko (Eublepharis macularius) A mixture of colours ranging from Hypos/Hi Yellow Hypos, etc pop in and have a look! £39.95
Mack Snow Raptor Leopard Gecko (Eublepharis macularius) Sub adults and gorgeous specimens! £110
Grown on Tangarine Leopard Gecko (Eublepharis macularius) Came in as Tangarines but look more like striped Chocolates to me pop in and have a look, but they are selling fast! £69.95
White & Yellow Leopard Gecko CB (Eublepharis macularius) Nicely sized specimens £89.95
Hatchling Leopard Gecko CB (Eublepharis macularius) Limited amounts, but should be more as soon as the season breeding season kicks in! £29.95

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Other Geckos;
Bauer’s Chameleon Gecko CB (Eurydactylus agricolae) A nice change for Rhacodactylus keepers as this is another New Caledonian Species! £195
Central American Banded Gecko WC (Coleonyx mitratus) Rarely offered now, another great alternative to Leopard Geckos! £37.95
Marble Gecko WC (Gekko grosmanni) A great pretty gecko, for the growing Tokay fans out there! £18.95
Golden Gecko WC (Gekko ulikovski) Beautiful Buttery golden coloured relative of the Tokays! £18.95
Brook’s House Gecko W (Hemidactylus brooksi) Nice large House Gecko Species! £11.95
Lined Day Gecko WC (Phelsuma lineata) Beautiful Day gecko species, one of the pretty smaller species £69.95
Crested Gecko CB (Rhacodactylus ciliatus) Finally back in stock, but limited amounts! £59.95
Imperfect Golddust Day Gecko CB (Phelsuma laticauda) Gorgeous specimen, but again dropped tail in transit! £79.95
Cabo Verde Bird Faced Gecko WC (Hemidactylus bouveri) First time we’ve had these. Nice species, anyone fancy a go at breeding? £44.95
Central Asian Frog Eyed Wonder Gecko WC (Teratoscincus roborworski) New bloodlines for the breeders! £39.95
Tokay Gecko WC (Gekko gecko) Big noisy, colourful brutes. No wonder they are gaining in popularity! £19.95
Big Head Gecko CtCB (Pareodura picta) Gorgeous babies, tiny little chaps but very cute!! £39.95
Standing’s Day Gecko CB (Phelsuma standingi) Locally bred youngsters! Wow, stunning! £89.95
Gold Dust Day Gecko CB (Phelsuma laticauda) A small group for potential breeders! £95
Annulated Gecko LTC (Tarentola annularis) Fantastic well settle specimen! £12.95
Australian Tessellated Gecko CB (Diplodactylus tesselatus) Small Australian species, locally bred and quite hard to source! Last two! £50
Giant Web Toed Gecko LTC (Gehyra sp.) Fantastic large gecko species. One large adult only available! £89.95
New Caledonian Giant gecko CB (Rhacodactylus leachianus leachianus). Amazing gecko species. Not that easy to source in the UK, and part of our plans for Rhacodactylus and our new nocturnal room – watch this space! £395
Adult Buckskin Crested Gecko CB (Rhacodactylus ciliatus) Male now only left, got dropped tail. £79.95
High Red Giant Day Gecko CB (Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis) Gorgeous grown on juveniles now! Potential pairs available. £89.95
Sakalava’s Velvet Gecko LTC (Blaesodactylus sakalava) Giant velvet geckos, stunning! Pair available – great chance to breed something different!! We have eggs in the incubator off these now! £39.95
Chinese Cave geckos WC (Goniusaurus hainanensis). No where near enough CB produced to meet demand. Breeders take note, get a group of these instead of colour morph Leopard geckos! Pair available! £74.95

SKINKS (Scincidae)
New Guinea Blue Tongue Skink WC (Tiliqua gigas seramensis) Rarely offered locality of these beautiful skinks, nicely grown on! £169.95
Chinese Dwarf Waterside Skinks WC (Tropidophorus sinicus) An uncommon opportunity to acquire a fantastic species not offered for sale much in the UK. It would be great to get them in the hands of the breeders. £44.95
Fire Skink WC (Lepidothrys [Riopa] fernandi) Missing a foot and a couple of toes, but a magnificent creature all the same! £39.95
Muddy Eyed Crocodile Skink WC (Triblonotus novaeguinea) Like the above just without eyeliner on! Young male available! £110

AGAMIDS (Agamidae)

Dabb Lizard CB (Uromastyx acanthinurus) Large adults! £195
Red Headed Agama WC (Agama agama agama) A poor mans Spiderman agama! £12.95
Chinese Neon Striped Dragon WC (Japalura splendida) Great neon striped lizards, look fantastic in planted vivariums £29.95
Painted Dragon CB (Laudakia stellio brachydactyla) Sub adults available as CB, fantastic opportunity for a breeding project or new bloodlines! £69.95
Adult Bearded Dragon cb (Pogona vitticeps) Deformed Bearded Dragon needs a good home, was unwanted by its owners. Has a face only a mother would love. Enquire
Baby Australian Water Dragon CB (Physignathus leuseuri) Fantastic little creatures! £100
Rankin’s Dragon CB (Pogona henrylawsoni) Well grown on, almost a sub adult! Perfect for people who don’t have room for Beardies! £99.95
Asian Water Dragon CF (Physignathus cocincinus) Small babies! Great beginners species, instead of Bearded Dragons! £34.95
Asian Water Dragons CF (Physignathus concincinus). Big babies last few! £39.95
Grown on Bearded Dragon CB (Pogona vitticeps) well grown on now. £49.95
Adult male Australian Water Dragon CB (Physignathus leuseuri) Almost tempted to keep him as a spare male! So best be quick before we change our minds! £140
Hatchling Bearded Dragons CtCB (Pogona vitticeps). Good quality cute hatchlings. £39.95

IGUANIDS (Iguanidae)

Cuban Knight Anole WC (Anolis equestris) Large specimens! Fantastic Bright green wedgeheads! £32.95
Green Anole WC (Anolis caroliensis) A great species for naturalistic terraniums! £11.95
Brown Basilisk WC (Basiliscus vittatus) Adults and sub adults available! Ready made breeding groups! £39.95
Blue Spiney Lizard CB (Sceloporus cyanogenys) Nice grown on specimens! £29.95
Cope’s False Chameleon WC (Chamaeleolis porcus) Fantastic species, looks like half way between anoles and chameleons! Wow! £200
Mop Headed Iguana WC (Uranoscodon supersiliaris) Interesting lizards, that really should be bred in the UK before its too late! Last few for a while! £37.95
Dumeril’s Madagascan Iguana LTC (Oplurus quadrimaculatus) Another species that would be ideal as captive bred – forget colour morphs – breed something that will allow future keepers CB before its too late! £69.95
Brown Anoles WC (Anolis sagrei) Lovely characterful species. Females available! £12.95
Adult Male Green Iguana LTC. (Iguana iguana). We no longer sell this species. They are not suitable as household pets. Please contact your local reptile rescue centre. You will find that most centres only require a small donation and usually have plenty to re-home. NFS
Leopard lizards LTC (Gambelia wiszlenzini). Very nice, much better than usual later in season imports. Can’t believe more breeders arent taking those on, fantastic species to work with – females go bright red when gravid! Stunning! Trio available and just starting to colour up for this seasons breeding! £53.95

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Boehmis Chameleon WC (Kinyongia boehmei) Great small montane species. Best for experienced keepers! £89.95
Elliot’s Chameleon WC (Chameleo ellioti) Fragile small species, sometimes referred to as Blue Chameleons £79.95
Yemen Chameleon CB (Chamaeleo calyptratus) Great chunky youngsters! £79.95
Oustalet’s Chameleon WC (Furcifer oustaleti) Young female, with a damaged end to her tail, but feeding fine and well settled now! £135


Chinese Glass Lizard WC (Dopasia harti) Formerly classified as Ophisaurus harti. WOW!!! A fantastic legless rarity in the UK! £160
Jewelled Curly Tail Lizard WC (Leiococephalus personatus) A beautiful species of Curly Tail. Great lizard for those bored with Bearded Dragons! £25.95
Flat Rock Lizard WC (Platysaurus intermedius) Limited amounts this time, WOW these are stunning, but careful they are Houdini’s! £39.95
Morrocon Eyed Lizard CB (Timon tangitanus) Young pair available, rarely offered species of Eyed Lizard a must for breeders! £69.95
Bosc Monitor CF (Varanus exanthematicus) First of this years babies. Already had lots of enquiries. Remember these do grow quite large! £39.95
Ornate Plated Lizard LTC (Zonosaurus ornatus) Very pretty species. Ideally suited as a captive bred species. Need to get them into breeders hands – protect the future keepers. £59.95

Chinese Softshell Turtle CB (Pelodiscus simensis) Limited amounts! n/a
Yellow Bellied Turtle CB (Trachemys scripta scripta) Big babies N/a
Spur Thigh Tortoise CB (Testudo graeca) Great pet species! Microchipped and with paperwork. £195
Red Foot Tortoise CB (Chelonoidis carbonaria) Great little babies, limited amounts, don’t forget they can get quite large! £150
Adult Yellow Foot tortoises CB (Chelonoidis denticulata) Very rarely offered for sale in the UK. Young females! £500
Horsefields tortoises CB (Agrionemys horsfieldi). Great pet tortoises. New stock, eating well! £140.00
Hermanns tortoises CB (Testudo hermanni). Classic pet species, complete with CITES. £175

INVERTS AND SPIDERS (we can mail order inverts and spiders, call on 01325 283756)

Tarantulas and spiders (Note: Breeders we often have male tarantulas of listed species available at cheaper prices please enquire).

Mexican Red Knee Tarantula CB (Brachypelma smithi) about 2-3cm very limited amounts this time round! £39.95
Giant White Knee Tarantula CB (Acanthoscuria geniculata) Slings of this gorgeous species! £12.95
Mexican Flame Knee Tarantula CB (Brachypelma auratum) Slings £16.95
Chaco Gold Knee Tarantula CB (Grammostola pulchripes) Slings of this attractive and sought after species! £18.95
Ornamental Baboon Tarantula WC (Heteroscodon maculatum) One of the most attractive of the baboons! £34.95
Bahia Scarlet Bird Eating Tarantula CB (Lasiodora klugi) Slings of this less commonly offered bird eater! £24.95
Mexican Bird EatingTarantula CB (Brachypelma kahlenbergi) A more humid species of Brachypelma. Spiderlings. £14.95
Mexican Gold Red Rump Tarantula CB (Brachypelma ruhauni) (albiceps?) Small spiders! £69.95
Mexican Flame Knee tarantula CB (Brachypelma auratum) grown on spiders of this popular species! £49.95
Mexican Midnight Black Tarantula CB (Brachypelma schroderi) First time we’ve had these. Small spiders at present! £59.95
Verdezi Bird Eating Tarantula CB (Brachypelma verdezi) Not offered as often as the other species. Past the delicate spiderling stage. £55.99
Bolivian Dwarf Tarantula CB (Cyriocosmus perezmilesi) spiderling, unusual species. £24.95
Bengal Spotted Ornamental Tarantula CB (Poecilitheria miranda) Small spiders/slings unusual species. £55
Ornate Tree Spider CB (Poecilitheria ornata) small spiders/ slings £19.95
Peruvian Flame Rump Tarantula CB (Thrixopelma ockerti) Nice colourful but small species. Nicely sized at present. £29.95
Peruvian White Stripe Tarantula WC (Thrixopelma pruriens) First time we’ve had these. Spiderlings. £16.95
Metallic Pink Toe Tarantula CB (Avicularia metallica) Nicely grown on specimens! £32.99
Cobalt Blue tarantula WC (Haplopelma lividum) Gorgeous species, shame about the temper! £39.95
Orange Baboon Tarantula CB (Pterinochilus sp.) Fantastic Bright orange specimen! Mature male! £8.95
Giant Black & White Tarantula CB (Acanthoscurria geniculata) Nice sized specimens! £39.95
Stout Leg Baboon Tarantula CB (Eucratoscelus pachypus) Nice sized specimens! £19.95
Asian Tiger Rump Tarantula LTC (Haplopelma sp.) Lovely ‘characterful’ species for those more experienced keepers! £29.95
Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula WC (Theraphosa blondi) Young adults at the minute! £95
Adult male Chille Rose Tarantula LTC (Grammostola rosea) Matured and ready to breed enquire please breeders! £10
Chilean GoldBurst Tarantula WC (Paraphysa parvula) An interesting smaller tarantula species! £36.95
Chille Rose Tarantula WC (Grammostola rosea) The most popular pet species! Although getting harder to source as adults! Some are high reds! Fresh stock this week. £19.95
Golden shield Dwarf Tarantula WC (Acanthognathus vilches) Another small rarely offered species! £34.99
King Baboon tarantulas Cb (Citharischius crawshayi). Growing extremely well! £59.95
Mexican Superb Tarantula CB (Brachypelma bohemi) Stunning as adults! £39.95
Mexican Gold Red Rump Tarantula CB (Brachypelma albiceps) Getting popular now! £34.95
.Mexican Red Leg Tarantula CB (Brachypelma emilia) Great colourful alternative to Red Knees! £37.95
Mexican Pink Tarantula cb (Brachypelma klassi) Beautiful pinks £36.95
Salmon Pink Goliath tarantulas CB (Lasiodora parahybana). About 1-1.5 inches now! Growing fast! £35
Giant Horned tarantulas (Ceratogyrus marshalli). A species best suited to the more experienced keeper. £44.95
Pedersons Ornamental tarantulas CB (Poecilotheria pedersoniNicely grown on spiders now! £37.95

Scorpions, insects and others

Orchid Mantid CB (Hymenopus coronatus) The most sought after mantid species at the minute. Never cheap but worth every penny! £34.95
Green Mantid CB (Sphodromantis lineola) Finally mantids back in stock! £11.95
Annan Walking Stick Insect CB (Medauroidea extradentata) Great large stick species! We also have youngsters hatching now! £5.95
Fire Millipede WC (Rhapiolostreptus virgator) WOW! These are stunning and sought after at the minute, breeders get in whilst you have the chance! £19.95
Chillean Ugly Thing WC (Metagyndes chilensis) AKA Chilean Harvestman, but I think Ugly thing is better. A bug only a mother would love (and Stu…) £24.95
Desert Hairy Scorpion WC (Hadrurus arizoniensis) fantastic yellow species, looks like the ones you see in the old Western films! £39.95
Indian Stick Insect CB The pet species!! £2
Emperor Scorpion CB (Pandinus imperator) great grown on specimens. £19.95
Black Walking Stick Insect CB (Lonchodes sp. negros) Pretty species! £5.95
Walking Stick Insect CB (Phaenopharus ichaoyaiensis) great large species! £4.95
Marbled Stick Insect CB (Trachyaretoan spec. Luzon) Great species, easy to keep. £5.95
Hermit Crab WC (Coenebita sp.) A mix of species. Potentially rogusus, purpureus and perlatus. Due to the difficulties getting positive ID on these as smaller specimens, its pot luck until they grow! £7.95
Orange Armed Vampire Crab WC (Lepidothelphusa sp. Orange arm) Stunning change to the normal bicolour crabs! £11.95
Asian Black Scorpion WC (Heterometrus scaber) Getting more popular, but still best for slightly more experienced Scorpion keepers! New stock in! £19.95
Death’s Head Cockroach CtCB (Blaberus sp.) For people who want a change from hissers! £3.95
Hissing Cockroach CtCB Excellent, hissers back in stock my favourites! Will do deals if bought in multiples for breeding projects our colony is breeding too well!! Speak for yourself Stu, not my faves! £3.95
Giant African Land Snails CB (Achatina sp.) Small specimens, popular at the moment! £4.95

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Treefrogs and similar;
Amazon Black & White Milk Frog CB (Trachycehalus resinifctrix) Very Very popular at the moment, gorgeous babies. £29.95
Golden Banana Frog WC (Afrixalus fornasini) Great small species, closely related to Reed Frogs £9.95
Chinese Tree Frog WC (Hyla chinensis) Very similar in appearance to European tree frogs! £16.95
Squirrel Tree Frog WC (Hyla squirella) Nice small North American Species, great for beginners! £11.95
Chinese Giant Gliding Tree Frog WC (Rhacophorus dennysi) These are huge and beautiful! Nice Eyecatching species instead of Whites! £39.95
Waxy Monkey Frog WC (Phyllomedusa sauvagii) Limited amounts at the minute, but may be able to source more. Very popular at the moment! £95
White’s Tree Frog CB (Litoria caerulea) Babies finally back in stock! Fantastic dumpy frog as adults! £16.95
North American Tree Frog WC (Hyla cinerea) Great pet species for beginners! New stock! £12.95
Golden Flying Tree Frog WC (Polypedates leucomystax) Another foam nesting species, but nice colours and sizes too! £16.95
Bird Poop Tree Frog WC (Hyla marmorata) Gorgeous species also known as the Marbled Tree Frog £34.95
Giant Cameroon Globe Eye Tree Frog WC (Leptopelis brevirostris?) Nice big eyes! £29.95
Orange Eyed Globe Eye Tree Frog WC (Leptopelis millsoni?) Very pretty species, rarely offered! £29.95
Bubbling Kassina Frog (Kassina senegalensis) Great unusual looking species, a nice hardy first time frog! £19.95
Grey Foam Nest Tree Frog WC (Chiromantis petersi ? ) Great breeding behaviour for anyone interested in amphibian breeding! £15.95
Rattle Voiced Jade treefrogs CB (Hyla crepitans). Pretty little things! £19.95

Horned toads and similar
African Bullfrog CB (Pyciecephalus adspersus) Babies! £49.95
Green Horned Frog CB (Ceratophrys cranwelli) Always a popular choice! £49.95

Cane Toad WC (Rhinella marinus) Only one left out of the delivery already! £19.95
Giant Red Spotted Toad WC (Rhaebo [Bufo] guttatus) A nice large species! £95

Tricolour Dartfrog CB (Epipedobates tricolor/anthonyi) Nice little Dartfrog Species. Many others can be sourced but due to expense many are only brought in to pre-order. Please enquire about this service. £59.95
Golden Mantella CB (Mantella aurentiaca) Babies, but still gorgeous! £69.95

Other Frogs
Rice Paddy Frog WC (Occidozyga lima) fantastic little species! £9.95

Salamanders and Newts
Chinese Fire Bellied Newt WC (Cynops orientalis) The pet species of newt! £9.95
Unidentified Species of Mandarin Newt WC (Tylototriton spec. Nov.) Fantastic chance to get hold of this new species! Stunning! £69.95
Marbled Salamander WC (Ambystoma opacum) A great pet species £39.95
Juvenile Leucistic Axolotyl CB (Ambystoma mexicanum) Last one for the moment. £15.95

EXOTIC MAMMALS (Please remember we don’t courier mammals out – collection only)

African Dwarf Hedghogs CtCB (Atelerix albiventris). New bloodlines have been introduced, so keep an eye out for exciting new colours being produced.
Below are some of the colours being produced at the minute. We have had such a good season this year so far we have cleared the waiting lists!
To enquire about availabilities please ring 01325 283756 and we will let you know what colours/sexes are available!
From £140 but ring for availabilities!
Ring Hayley as to upcoming availabilities/colour morphs lots of exciting developments in the hedgehog breeding areas!
Pinto Hedgehogs ready next week. £170
Adult female Albino Hedgehog ready now £100
Dark Eyed Cinnacot Hedgehog ready now! £150
Chocolate Chip Hedgehog Ready now! £160

We would like to bring the following points to your attention:

1. In this world of political correctness it is often frowned upon selling wild caught reptiles. Whilst we fully accept that selling easily obtainable captive bred species as wild caught is unacceptable (such as Corn snakes, Leopard geckos etc etc), our herpetological enthusiasm cannot be squashed with regards to species that are currently either infrequently captive bred or not at all. Breeding projects can only be started from WC, and for this reason we offer the experienced herpetologist the chance of these WC species to start from the bottom! In other words we offer the beginner CB Leopard geckos, Corns and the like and the more experienced, a challenge with wild caught breeding groups to establish the captive bred easy species of the future. There is lots of talk of tightening regulations on exporting animals, and its possible that species not being bred in captivity wont be available any more in the future unless we start captive breeding from available WC stock now. Worth mentioning!!

2. Colour morphs in reptiles has now got to a level, way beyond what could have been comprehended a few years ago. Presently there are thousands of morphs, and as the majority are man-made they are very subjective. Some of the differences are also very small. What one person describes as a particular colour morph, another person will see something very different. Also, many hatchlings look so radically different to when they are adult it is sometimes impossible to judge what they will look like later in life. For this reason we only describe the different morphs to the best of our ability and suggest that you firstly visit to make sure that you are buying what you require, and secondly keep in mind that when he/she grows up there may be some variation from the “perfect” example banded around on the various internet sites and in books.
3. Our Terms and Conditions;
We will make all reasonable endeavours to ensure our animals are delivered in an excellent condition. If you receive animals from us which are not in an excellent condition or indeed are D.O.A. you must contact us within 24 hours of receipt to be considered for a refund. We will require photographic evidence of all concerns so please don’t be offended when asked to provide this. Animals are only gauranteed for 24 hours after purchase / arrival, as we cannot be held responsible for their correct care once they have left us. Our refund\replacement policy is as follows: Amphibians - up to 50% refund, or replacement at our discretion - only within 24 hour period. Reptiles & Invertebrates - up to 100% refund\replacement at our discretion. Only within 24 hour period. NB: Please note we cannot consider replacing or refunding if we are not notified within 24 hours of delivery so please report any concerns within this period. NB., Invertebrates- although we make every effort to supply all our inverts with a full set of complete limbs/claws we cannot guarantee this. All orders are placed accepting our terms and conditions. Please ask for a copy.

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I just wanted to say thank you to the organisors of EHS12 at Myerscough Collage yesterday for having me. I enjoyed lecturing there, and I hope the large turnout of people enjoyed my talk too. It was nice to talk to a high percentage of academics such as vets and the like.

For those that were unable to be present my talk was entitled "Barabaric Light Bulbs" and discussed some very different view points from the norm regarding reptiles perception of light, heat and also some of our perceptions of providing heat and light for reptiles. The talk was entitled with the hard hitting "barbaric" due to an article published 20 years ago using the same title. It inspired me to think a little different to the very common approach of providing an incandescent bulb for heat and light for reptiles, along with my extensive fieldwork and study of reptiles behaviour patterns in the wild. Over the years my then radical ideas have become more common place for those with a better understanding of reptiles needs - but the concern for me is that we still see the backbone of our industry and hobby still using the antiquated incandescent bulb. My talk discussed reptiles and their need for heat, probably over and above their need for light - and that heat is more likely the deciding factor on where a reptile will chose to bask. Once some simple, now scientifical proven idealogies are understood it is easy to see the advantages of turning our back on the incandescent light bulb. For example, it is now proven that the parietal eye, the thing often quoted by keepers as the device used by diurnal lizards to chose a basking source due to light levels is highly sensitive to blues and greens, not the warm yellow and reds of the sun. It is proven that there is a link between lizard species that possess parietal eyes and higher elevations - this suggests a very different role for the parietal eye over and above light detection. It is proven that diurnal lizards with or without parietal eyes sense basking areas through their skull and body - again more likley to suggest it is heat that they are detecting rather than light. Inevitably it makes perfect sense that a cold blooded creature, and animal that relies on heat for its very existance, would seek heat over light every time. Its just an essential by product that within that heat there is sun light to provide UVB and the "feel good factor" provided by high illuminance and full spectrum. And then, when an incandescent light bulb provides as little as 500 Lux of illuminance (to keep things simple, the "brightness" of the light) and then we compare that with 120,000 Lux for midday sunlight its easy to see that providing an incandescent light bulb is of very little or no benefit in telling a diurnal lizard where to bask. Believe it or not, 10,0000 - 20,000 Lux is around the level of illuminance in shade! 500 Lux light bulb? Put one outside, lit up - it looks like its switched off - try it! My talk then skirted around issues regarding reptiles perception of coloured lights, the infamous "reptiles cant see red" argument (most certainly can) and various other "myths" as I often refer to them.

So, I will be presenting this talk at local level too, come along - its a talk that will guarantee to make you think very differently about how we heat and light reptiles. I will let you all know when those talks will be occuring. I will also present the talk as an article - again I will tell you all where it will be published.

The EHC will be an annual event, and one that I am proud to say I will be involved, in some way or another next year. Thanks again, it was a great day!

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An Illuminating (scuse the pun) talk Kev. Thanks so much for battling the elements. We had brilliant feedback from delegates and speakers so keep looking out for EHC-ONE-THREE which will be bigger and better!

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An Illuminating (scuse the pun) talk Kev. Thanks so much for battling the elements. We had brilliant feedback from delegates and speakers so keep looking out for EHC-ONE-THREE which will be bigger and better!
Yes, the travelling through the snow on the A66 wasn't much fun!

Looking forward to the 2013 event already.

Speak soon.

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Do you have any cb11/12 burms?

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Lots of things to announce over the next few weeks, so keep an eye on here and the Coast to Coast Exotics Facebook page.

All pm's now replied to, thanks!

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Stock list updated on our webpage have a look on, quite a few new animals in stock Including Red Eyed Tree Frogs, Shiny Burrowing Scorpions, Whalberg's Scorpions, CB Crocodile Newt, Sharp Ribbed Newt, Alpine Newts and others! or a quick responce to queries on a weekend please ring the shop directly on 01325 283756

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Working on another large shipment, due in around ten days. I'll post the pre-order list as soon as possible.

All pm's replied to, thanks!

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I have had a few enquiries about the African Herpetological Expedition prize draw mentioned for our 20 years anniversary celebrations in 2013. The promotion will be starting this year, with some other great prizes too and the full details will be announced soon. I have also been asked if its possible to pay to come along on the trip should the none winners fancy the opportunity - and yes its possible and I am looking into the necessary bits and bobs to make that happen. More announcements will be made closer the the time. So, some very exciting news to come shortly.

All enquiries now dealt with, thank you!
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