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This unit is a Black Arcadia Series 3 (2x 150w plus 2x 39w T8's) in very good working condition. Cosmetically it could do with a clean to get the salt splashes off it (which I will do before sending anyway), and it has a wee 'dip' on the underside (see second photo), but otherwise it's all good. Both timers also work perfectly.

Included will be a pair of Arcadia Support Legs. These are actually for the Series 4 but have been modded for this unit and hold it totally steadily. These retail for £40 alone!

IF SALE: I would prefer not to split, but if it becomes necessary I would rather the lights sold first (£70 + £20 p&p), and the legs would then be £20 + £10 p&p

IF SWAP: Would love a 3ft wooden viv set-up but fire away with any other offers.




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