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This is a very regrettable sale and not one I am in a rush to make. Only serious keepers should continue reading.

Up for grabs is my Argy Black and White Tegu. He's a stunning lad (lots of white) and has been a pleasure to keep. he's over 3 years old now and is in great nick apart from a couple of missing toes and a tail tip (about an inch) which were down to a shedding issue from before I had him.

He is also nice and tame but like many Tegu's he has a good feeding response so care must be taken when first approaching (greedy git that he is).

I have a few pictures but none that are very recent. I plan on taking some in the next week when my new battery for my camera arrives.

As this is a large animal and requires more attention/space than most lizards I ask that any potential buyers contact me with their plans for housing etc. I never ask forever homes for my animals (although it would be nice!) however I do ask that people take the same care I do and make sure it goes to a good home.

I am based in Sheffield and welcome anyone around to collect the big guy. While his enclosure will be dismantled it can not go with him. It won't go back together all that well I feel!

Here's a couple of pictures...



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