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Me bloomin' MBK still hasn't fed! This makes it 5 weeks now without her touching a single thing I've given her (btw that's not 5 weeks constant attempts! I tried her on a rat pup I had left over 5 weeks ago and she flipped out and went all crazy, so I left her 2 weeks, tried again and got nothing. Then I tried her again today with a little fuzzy mouse and still nothing.)

She's only a year old, and weighs about 50grams so I'm starting to wonder how long is safe to leave her? Surely she'll start to lose weight soon, and then what do I do?

Her temps seem ok, she's in a faunarium though, and they have a billion holes in the roof and the room she's in is just about 61F but so is my Royal and she's eating like a dustbin.

I'm guessing a year is far too young for it to be a breeding thing - is it just a winter fast or is there something else going on?
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