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I have some Australian Barking Geckos or Underwoodisaurus (sometimes called Nephrurus) milii for sale. These are hatchlings that came from my breeding group this year and are growing fast. I am asking £60 each or £100 for 2, ovno.

They are currently feeding on small (3rd) crickets and baby dubia and turkish roaches.

Pics (they are a bit bigger than this now):

Here's an adult pair:

I accept Paypal, but Cash or bank transfer is preferred. I will deliver if it isn't too far for the price of fuel or a courier can be arranged (by the buyer).

I will also accept swaps (with cash adjustment either way if required) particularly for the following:
Nephrurus wheeleri
Nephrurus levis
Rhynchophis boulengeri (Rhino Ratsnakes) - Female
Ctenosaura species.

Please pm or email me ([email protected]) if you're interested or have any questions.


1 - 7 of 7 Posts