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New Arrivals

Poecilotheria subfusca, Sericopelma sp. "Guapiles", Sericopelma sp "Sabanilla", Selenocosmia ardnsti + others.

Tarantulas 5cm +

Bolivian Salmon Pink (Acanthoscurria chacoana) 6-7cm £12.99
Paraguay Black Beauty (Acanthoscurria insubtilis) 10-12cm £22.00
Mexican Red Leg (Brachypelma emilia) 8cm £27.00
Mexican Midnight Black (Brachypelma schroderi) AF £39.99
King Baboon (Citherischius crawshayi) Adult females £55.00
Chile Beautiful Euthalus truculentus) Adults £25.00
Pink Zebra (Eupalaestrus campestratus) Adults £35.00
Black Zebra (Eupalaestrus sp. "Itapua") Adults £29.99
Chile Rose (Grammostola rosea) Adult £15.95
Striped Leg Birdeater (Lasiodorides striatus) 11cm £27.99
Brazilian Red (Nhandu carapoensis) Sub adult/ Adult £29.99
Brazilian Giant White Knee (Nhandu colloratovilosum) 12cm £32.00
Fringed Ornamental (Poecilotheria ornata) 6cm £13.99
Usamburu Baboon (Pterinochilus murinus) 10-12cm NCF £15.00
New Guinea Rust Orange (Selenocosmia ardnsti) 8-12cm £35.00
Sumatra Earth Tiger (Selenocosmia sp. "Sumatra")

Spiderlings and Tarantulas upto 5cm

Pink Patch Birdeater (Acanthoscurria antillensis) 1cm £6.00, 5x £25.00
Giant White Knee (Acanthoscurria geniculata) 1cm £3.50, 5 x £12.50
Brazilian Orange Banded (Acanthoscurria jurenicola) 1cm £6.50
Costa Rican Blue Front (Aphonopelma crinirufum) 4-5cm £8.00
Pink Toe (Avicularia avicularia) 1cm £3.75
Curly Hairs (Brachypelma albopilosa) 1cm £2.00
Mexican Red Leg (Brachypelma emilia) 1cm £5.00, 5x £20.00
Mexican Gold Red Rump (Brachypelma albiceps (ruhnaui) 1cm £8.00, 5x £7.00
Mexican Red Knee (Brachypelma smithi) 1cm £4.00, 5x £16.00
Israeli Desert (Chaetopelma gracile) 2cm £5.00
Guatamalan Tiger Rump (Cyclosternum sp. "Guatamala" 1cm £5.00, 5x £20.00
Ecuador Blue Femur (Cyclosternum sp. "Machalla") £12.99
Trinidad Dwarf Tiger (Cyriocosmus elegans) 0.5cm £9.99, 5x £40.00
Blue Fang (Ephebopus cyanognathus) 1cm £9.99
Brazilian Red Rump (Grammostola actaeon) 4-5cm £16.00
Brazilian Tawny Red (Grammostola mollicoma) 2cm £15.00
Golden Earth Tiger (Haplopelma schmidti) 2-3cm £8.00
Togo Starburst (Heteroscodra maculata) 1cm £2.75, 5 x £12.00
Trinidad Olive (Holothele incei) 1cm £4.00
Venezuala Dwarf (Holothele sp. "Tachira") 1cm £6.00
Colombian Dwarf (Holothele sp. "Norte de Santander") 1cm £5.00
Ribbed Tree Spider (Iridiopelma sp. "Recife") 1cm £8.00
Bahia Scarlet Birdeater (Lasiodora klugi) 4-5cm £9.00
Columbian Giant (Megaphobema robustum) 5cm £15.00
Barinus Dwarf (Metriopelma sp. "Barinus") 0.5cm £6.00
Caraboo Dwarf (Metriopelma sp. "Caraboo") 0.5cm £6.00, 5x £25.00
Brazilian White Knee (Nhandu colloratovilosum) 1cm £3.00, 5x £10.00
Burmese Black (Ornithoctonus aureotibialis) 1cm £6.00
Brazilian Pink (Pamphobeteus sp. "platyomma") 2cm £15.00
Hainen Island Earth Tiger (Ornithoctonus hainana) 2-3cm £8.00
Phlogiellus sp. "pq118" 1-2cm £20.00, 5 x £85.00
Haitian Brown (Phormictopus cancerides) 1cm £5.00, 5x £20.00
Fringed Ornamental (Poecilotheria ornata) 1cm £5.00
Pedersens Ornamental (Poecilotheria pederseni) 1cm £8.00, 5 x £30.00
Mysore Ornamental (Poecilotheria striata) 4-5cm £15.00
Ivory Ornamental (Poecilotheria subfusca) 2cm £55.00
Usamburu Red Baboon (Pterinochilus murinus) 1cm Red Colour form £3.00
Whistling Spider (Selenocosmia crassipes) 2-5cm £20.00, 5 x £85.00
Sarina Whistling Spider (Selenocosmia sp. "Sarina") 2-5cm £20.00 5 x £85.00
Glenelva Feather Leg (Selenotholus sp."Glenelva") 2-5cm £20.00, 5 x £85.00
Nebo Barking Spider (Selenotypus sp "Nebo") 1-2cm £20.00, 5 x £85.00
Guapiles Giant Birdeater (Sericopelma sp. "Guapiles") 2cm £19.99
Costa Rican Giant (Sericopelma sp. "Sabanilla") 4cm £32.00
Giant Pink Striped (Vitalius paraneansis) 1cm £7.00, 5x £30.00


Jones Burrowing Scorpion (Cheloctonus jonesii) juv £12.00

Beetles Larvae

Chellorhina polyphemus L3 £4.00
Coelorrhina hornimanni L2 £2.00
Dicronorrhina conradsi L3 £4.00
Dicronorrhina layardi L3 £4.00
Dicronorrhina oberthuri L3 £3.00
Eudicella aethiopica L2-L3 £3.00
Eudicella gralli hubini L2-L3 £4.00
Eudicella smithi bertherandi L1 £1.00
Eudicella smithi smithi L2-L3 £2.00
Mecynorrhina torquata L3 £6.50

Males available (50/50, BTS members only):

- Avicularia miniatrix
- Megaphobema mesmomelas
- Phormictopus atrichomatus
- Poecilotheria ornata
- Poecilotheria subfusca


Postage and Packing: £6.50.
Live arrival guaranteed, we ship out Monday to Thursday.

New Stock arriving weekly, always interested in your surplus stock (Buy or exchange),
full collections bought.

We also have a large selection of Tarantula related equipment and literature.

Please check out our site for details and online ordering. We except all forms of Payment
including Credit / debit cards over the phone or via our website.

Tel: 01239 613347
E-mail/msn: [email protected]
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