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Based in West Wales (Cardigan Bay), if your ever in the area come and pay us a visit!

Tarantulas 5cm +

Paraguay Black Velvet (Acanthoscurria insubtilis) 10-12cm £22.00
Pink Toe (Avicularia avicularia) (SA/A) £15.95, 3x £39.99
Peru Purple Pink Toe (Avicularia sp."Peru Purple") Adults £32.00, 3 x £79.00
Peru Purple Pink Toe (Avicularia sp."Peru Purple") Immature Male + Female pair £52.00
Curly Hair (Brachypelma albopilosum) A £24.99
Mexican Gold Carapace (Brachypelma ruhnaui) 5-6cm £24.00
King Baboon (Citharischius crawshayi) Adults £45.00, 3x £105.00
Paraguay Grey (Cyclosternum spinopalpus) SA/A £22.00
Chile Flame (Euathalus sp. "Red") SA/A £29.99, 3x £79.00
Black Zebra (Eupalaestrus campestratus) (A) £29.99, 3x £66.00 (DCF)
Chaco Golden Knees (Grammostola aureostriata) 10cm £22.00
Red Chile Rose (G.rosea) Red Colour form (A) £15.99, 3x £39.99
Chile Rose (Grammostola rosea) (A) £12.95, £32.00
Paraguay White Hair (Grammostola sp. "formosa") S/A-A £29.99, 3x £66.00
Thailand Zebra (Haplopelma albostriatum) Mature Male + Adult female pair £39.99
Thailand Zebra (Haplopelma albostriatum) (SA/A) £22.00
Burmese Cobalt Blue (Haplopelma lividum) (A) £25.99, 3x £50.00 (DCF, big fat Mated females possible)
Burmese Cobalt Blue (Haplopelma lividum) (Mature Male + Adult female pair) £45.00
Burmese Cobalt Blue (Haplopelma lividum) (S/A) £20.00
Brown Velvet Birdeater (Megaphobema velvetosoma) Adults £39.99
Brown Velvet Birdeater (Megaphobema velvetosoma) Immature male + female £66.00
Brazilian Red (Nhandu carapoensis) SA/A £29.99
****** Pygmy (Orphnaecus sp. "Mambucal") (A) £14.95
Chilean Red Rump (Paraphysa parvula) (SA) £22.00
Sri Lankan Ornamental (Poecilotheria fasciata) 8-10cm £14.99
Costa Rican Orange Mouth (Psalmopoeus reduncas) (AF) £35.00
Fort Hall Baboon (Pterinochilus lugardi) 10-12cm £12.99
Usamburu Red Baboon (Pterinochilus murinus) 10-12cm £12.99
Shimba Halls Baboon (Pterinochilus sp. "Shimba Hills") £8.99
Phillipine Grey Leg (Selenocosmia peerboomi) 10-12cm £23.00, 3x £49.99
Blue Birdeater (Thrixopelma cyaneum) 10-12cm £22.00

Spiderlings and Tarantulas upto 5cm

Pink patch Birdeater (Acanthoscurria antillensis) 1cm £4.00
Brazilian Orange Banded (Acanthoscurria jurenicola) 1cm £4.00, 5 x £16.00
Curly Hairs (Brachypelma albopilosa) 1cm £2.00, 5x £8.00
Curly Hairs (Brachypelma albopilosa) 2cm £3.00
Mexican Fire Leg (Brachypelma bohemi) 1cm £5.50
Arabian Desert (Chaetopelma gracile) 1cm £3.00
King Baboon (Citharischius crawshayi) 1-2cm £5.00, 5x £20.00
Venezuelan Gold Carapace (Cyclosternum sp. "Trujillo") 0.5cm £5.00
Singapore Blue (Cyriopagopus sp. "Blue") 2cm £19.99, 5x £75.00
Cuban Pygmy (Cyrtopholis ramsi) 0.5cm £6.50
Brazilian Red Rump (Grammostola acteon) 3cm £9.45
Chile Rose (Grammostola rosea) 1cm £2.00
Golden Earth Tiger (Haplopelma schmidti) 2cm £6.00, 5x £24.00
Togo Starburst (Heteroscodra maculata) 1cm £2.75
Caraboo Dwarf (Metriopelma sp. "Caraboo") 0.5cm £2.00
Brazilian Red (Nhandu carapoensis) 3cm £7.99
Brazilian Giant Blond (Nhandu vulpinus) 1cm £7.99, 5x £30.00
****** Pygmy (Orphnaecus sp. "Mambucal") 0.5cm £3.00
Columbian Brown (Pamphobeteus fortis) 2cm £8.00, 5x £35.00
Phillipine Dwarf (Phlogiellus baeri) 1cm £2.00
Sri Lankan Ornamental (Poecilotheria fasciata) 2-3cm £4.00, 5x £16.00
Fringed Ornamental (Poecilotheria ornata) 2-4cm £4.00
Mysore Ornamental (Poecilotheria striata) 3-4cm £8.50
Trinidad Chevron (Psalmopoeus cambridgei) 1cm £3.70, 5x £15.00
Sarina Whistling Spider (Selenocosmia sp. "Sarina") 2-5cm £10.00
Glenelva Feather Leg (Selenotholus sp."Glenelva") 2-5cm £10.00
Nebo Barking Spider (Selenotypus sp "Nebo") 1-2cm £10.00

Other Spiders

Chilean Bronze Tiger Rump (Acanthogonatus francki) (A) £16.50
Chilean Golden Tiger Rump (Acanthogonatus pissii) (A) £16.50

Scorpions (Pairs usually possible)

Chilean Scorpion (Bothriurus coriaceus) £9.99, 3x £20.00
Atacama Red Scorpion (Caraboctonus keyserlingi) £9.99, 3x £20.00
Thai Giant Hissing Scorpion (Heterometrus spinnifer) £7.95
Malaysian Whip Scorpion (Hypoctonus rangunensis) £12.99


African Millipedes (Archispirostreptus gigas) £8.99
Barbados Blue Centipedes (Scolopendra sp. "Barbados") £25.00
Chinese Giant Red Centipede (Scolopendra subspinipes) £25.00

Males available (50/50, BTS members only):

- Grammostola aureostriata
- Pamphobeteus vespertinus
- Pterinochilus murinus (RCF)
- Thrixopelma pruriens

Abbreviations: A: Unsexed Adult, S/A: Sub Adult, AF: Adult Female, M: Male, MM: Mature Male, DCF: Dark Colour Form, RCF: Red Colour Form

Postage and Packing: £6.50.
Live arrival guaranteed, we ship out Monday to Thursday.

New Stock arriving weekly, always interested in your surplus stock (Buy or exchange),
full collections bought.

We also have a large selection of Tarantula related equipment and literature.

Please check out our site for details and online ordering. We except all forms of Payment
including Credit / debit cards over the phone or via our website.

Tel: 01239 613347
E-mail/msn: [email protected]
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