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We will be attending:

Bugfest Saturday 18th of Febuary
Bucklers Mead Sports Centre
St Johns Road
BA21 4FE

Open to the public from 11.30am.

New River Rust Rump (Aphonopelma sp. "New River") Sub Adult/Adult £35.95
Guyana Pink Toe (Avicularia sp. "Guyana") Sub Adult/Adult £19.99
Green Femur Beauty (Euathlus sp. "Green") Sub Adult/Adult £29.99
Pichangui Blue Beauty (Euathlus sp."blue") Sub Adult £38.95
Chile Flame (Euathlus sp."Red") Sub Adult/Adult £24.95
Chile Beautiful (Euathlus truculentus) Sub Adult/Adult £22.96
Chile Rose (Grammostola porteri) Sub Adult/Adult £15.95
Red Chile Rose (Grammostola rosea) Sub Adult/Adult £15.95
Chile Red Zebra (Grammostola sp."Concepicon") Sub Adult/Adult £26.99
Chile Gold Fluff (Grammostola sp."Maule") Sub Adult/Adult £26.99
Cobalt Blue (Haplopelma lividum) Sub Adults £26.95
Togo Starburst (Heteroscoda maculata) Adult Females £39.99
Dwarf Chestnut (Heterothele villosella) Adult Female £25.00
Rusty Baboon (Hysterocrates sp. "Cameroon") Sub Adult/Adult £26.95
Firey Red Rump (Lasiodora difficilis) Sub Adults £35.00
Thai Yellow Fringe (Ornithoctonus aureotibalis) Adult Female £40.00
Haitian Brown Birdeaters (Phormictopus cancerides) Sub Adult/Adult £26.99
Fringed Ornamental (Poecilotheria ornata) Sub Adult £35.00

1.0 Mexican Rose Grey (Brachypelma verdezi) £20.00
1.0 Chile Flame (Euathlus sp. "Red") £12.00
1.0 Chile Beautiful (Euathlus truculentus) £12.00
1.0 New Guinea Rust Orange (Selenocosmia ardnsti) £10.00
1.1 Chile Flame (Euathlus sp. "Red") £35.00
1.1 Chile Beautiful (Euathlus truculentus) £35.00
1.2 Chile Flame (Euathlus sp. "Red") £49.99
1.2 Chile Beautiful (Euathlus truculentus) £49.99
1.2 Chile Rose (Grammostola porteri) £35.95

Giant White Knee (Acanthoscurria geniculata) 9-11cm £28.96
New River Rust Rump (Aphonopelma sp. "New River")7-9cm £24.95
Guyana Pink Toe (Avicularia sp. "Guyana") 5-6cm £16.99
Mexican Red Knee (Brachypelma smithi) 6-8cm £26.95
Mexican Red Knee (Brachypelma smithi) 8-10cm £34.95
Mexican Red Rump (Brachypelma vagans) 7-10cm £19.99
Peru Dwarf Black & White (Cyriocosmus ritae) 2-3cm £14.00
Pichangui Blue Femur (Euathlus sp. "Blue") 5-7cm £25.00
Green Femur Beauty (Euthalus sp. "Green") 5-7cm £19.99
Vietnam Earth Tiger (Haplopelma sp. "Vietnam") 8cm £13.00
White Striped Birdeater (Nhandu chromatus) 6cm £14.99
Haitian Brown (Phormictopus cancerides) 6-7cm £13.00
Brazilian Pink (Pamphobeteus sp. "Plattyomma") 9-12cm £35.00
Sri Lankan Ornamental (Poecilotheria fasciata) 6-7cm £14.99
Indian Ornamental (Poecilotheria regalis) 10-12cm £22.99
New Guinea Black Femur (Selenocosmia dichromata) 6-8cm £24.95

Giant White Knee (Acanthoscurria geniculata) 1cm £5.00
Brazilian Pink Toe (Avicularia bicegoi) 2-3cm £10.00
Wooly Pink Toe (Avicularia huriana) 2cm £9.00
Puerto Rican Pink Toe (Avicularia laeta) 1cm £6.00
Peru Purple Pink Toe (Avicularia urticans) 2cm £9.00
Mexican Gold Red Rump (Brachypelma albiceps) 1cm £6.00
Mexican Flame Knee (Brachypelma auratum) 1cm £6.00
Mexican Fire Leg (Brachypelma bohemi) 1cm £6.00
Mexican Red Leg (Brachypelma emilia) 1cm £6.00
Mexican Pink (Brachypelma klassi) 1cm £8.00
Greater Horned Baboons (Ceratogyrus marshalli) 1cm £3.00
Green Bottle Blue (Chromatopelma cyanopubescens) 2cm £12.00
Tiger Rump (Cyclosternum fasciatum) 1cm £6.00
Malayasian Earth Tiger (Cyriopagopus schioedtei) 2cm £8.00
Chaco Golden Knee (Grammostola pulcheripes) 1-2cm £5.00
Chile Rose (Grammostola porteri) 1cm £3.00
Colombian Pumpkin Patch (Hapalopus sp. "Colombia") Large Form 1cm £12.00
Venezuelan Lemon Patch (Hapalopus triseriatus) Lowland Form 1cm £18.00
Dwarf Chestnut (Heterothele villosella) 1cm £4.00
Trinidad Olive (Holothele incei) 1cm £5.00
Rusty Red Baboon (Hysterocrates sp. "Cameroon") 1cm £3.00
Pygmy Fire Leg (Kochiana brunnipes) 0.5cm £12.00
Sangihe Island Black (Lampropelma nigerrium) 2cm £12.00
Salmon Pink (Lasiodora parahybana) 4-5cm £7.00
Black Emilia (Lasiodora pursical) 0.5cm £18.00
Giant Striped Leg (Lasiodorides striatus) 1cm £6.00
Socotra Island Blue Baboon (Monocentrophus balfouri) 2cm £25.00
White Striped Birdeater (Nhandu chromatus) 1cm £4.00
Queensland Goliath (Phlogiellus sp. "Goliath") 1-2cm £10.00
Sri Lankan Ornamental (Poecilotheria fasciata) 2cm £8.00
Gooty Ornamental (Poecilotheria mettalica) 2cm £45.00
Bengal Ornamental (Poecilotheria miranda) 2cm £12.00
Fringed Ornamental (Poecilotheria ornata) 3cm £8.00
Indian Ornamental (Poecilotheria regalis) 4-5cm £10.00
Red Slate Ornamental (Poecilotheria rufilata) 2-3cm £8.00
Lowland Ivory Ornamental (Poecilotheria sp. bara) 2-3cm £20.00
Mysore Ornamental (Poecilotheria striata) 2cm £8.00
Ivory Ornamental (Poecilotheria subfusca) 2cm £18.00
Trinidad Chevron (Psalmopoeus cambridgei) 1-4cm £3.50
Venezuelan Sun Tiger (Psalmopoeus irminia) 2cm £6.00
Costa Rican Orange Mouth (Psalmopoeus reduncas) 2cm £5.00
Kilimanjaro Mustard (Pterinochilus chordatus) 1cm £3.00
Usamburu Red Baboon (Pterinochilus murinus) 2-3cm £5.00
Phillipine Orange (Selenobrachys philippinus) 1cm £8.00
Indigo Tree Spider (Tapinauchenius cupreus) 1cm £6.00
Pink Foot Goliath (Theraphosa apophysis) 3-4cm £35.95

Chile Red Zebra (Acanthogonathus vilches) Large £13.00
Orange Leg Trapdoor (Ancylotrypa nuda) Med - Large £13.oo
Orange Trapdoor Spider (Gordyrella sp.) M-L £13.00

Black Masked Scorpion (Bothriurus dumayi) M-L £13.00
Giant Flat Rock (Hadogenes troglodytes) M-XL £16.00
Desert Hairy (Hadrurus arizonensis) L £25.99
Desert Hairy (Hadrurus arizonensis) M £20.99
Tanzanian Long Claw Scorpion (Iomachus politus) £8.99
Shiny Burrowing Scorpion (Opistophthalmus glabifrons) £16.00
Tri Coloured Scorpion (Opistophthalmus sp.) £16.00
Dune Scorpion (Sminigerus mesaensis) M-L £13.00

Giant Asian Mantis (Hierodula membranacea) L3-L5 £8.95
Pharoah Mantis (Miomantis paykulli) L3-L5 £8.95
Budwing Mantis (Parasphendale affinis) L3-L5 £8.95
African Lined Mantis (Sphodromantis lineola) L3-L5 £8.95

African Olive Centipedes (Rhysida longipes) Med - Large £8.99
Haitian Giant Centipede (Scolopendra alternans) Large £26.95
Haitian Giant Centipede (Scolopendra alternans) Med £19.95
Guyana Giant Centipede (Scolopendra angulata) Med £19.95
Vietnam Giant Centipede (Scolopendra suspinipes) Large - XL £29.99

Gooty Ornamental (Poecilotheria mettalica)

Dwarf Black & White (Cyriocosmus ritae)


Size & Gender:
SA: Sub Adult/Unsexed, AD: Adult/Unsexed, SAF: Sub Adult Female, AF: Adult Female M: Male, MM: Mature Male

DCF: Dark Colour Form, RCF: Red Colour Form, NCF: Normal Color From

Group Sizes:
1.2, or 0.3.5 etc = Number of Males/Females or Males/Females/Unsexed in group
Example 1.4.5 group consists of 1 Male, 4 Females and 5 x unsexed

Livestock P&P: £7.99 - Live arrival guaranteed, we ship out Monday to Thursday.

Please check out our site for details and online ordering.
We except all forms of Payment including Credit / debit cards over the phone or via our website.

Tel: 01239 613347
E-mail/msn: [email protected]
Web: TheSpiderShop:- - Suppliers of Arachnids and other quality
Facebook: TheSpiderShop Facebook
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