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Baby Bearded Dragons.

These guys have had a bit of a rough start in life after a very long incubation period, 9 of the eggs hatched. I have bred Bearded Dragons for years and never had any problems but when these guys hatched they looked very weak and some had to be helped out of their eggs. As a result of this they all have tail kinks but all limbs intact and fine. These guys are now 8 weeks old.

Apart from been very small still, these guys have shed and are eating crickets and locust like there’s no tomorrow. They’re drinking well but not showing much interest in veg (unless it moves under there noses).

There is one of them that I am holding back as I am not happy with his progress.
I would only recommend these as pets as I think they will stay quite small.

They have lovely markings and are very sociable for baby beardies.

I am just asking for £5 each re-homing fee to stop freebie hunters but if collecting multiples we wont charge £5 each.

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